#12 - Depression [n.m.]

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"Behind your smile, I see your tears,
Inside my heart, I can feel your fears,
In your eyes, I can see your broken dreams,
I know how desperate it all seems.

Behind your strength, I can see your despair,
Inside my soul, I feel that it isn't fair,
In your voice, I can hear your pain,
I know you're struggling to stay sane.

I need you to know that you matter to me,
When I look at you I believe in what I see,
I need you to feel my love for you,
Giving up on you is something that I'll never do.

Listen to my words, I care for you,
Look into my eyes and you'll see it's true,
I will fight on your side, I know you want to be free,
Please don't let depression take you away from me."


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