New Book!

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Thank you again for all the support and love from everyone who read The Pull Between Us. And now here is the intro for my new reylo book After All This Time, hopefully it catches your eye!

Rey grew up in foster care homes for as long as she can remember. Not having a real family she grew extremely close to her neighbors the Solos, especially there son Ben who was four years older than Rey. From growing up together they were best friends, but when something happens to Rey's foster parents she is moved to a new foster home far away from the Solos, and there is nothing she can do about it.

His best friend, the only person to ever really understand him, gone. He didn't last much longer either, until he was gone too.


Leia Organa owns a secret agent organization known as the resistance.

Nobody has seen Ben Solo in years since Rey left. But now, he is known as Kylo Ren and is part of the rival secret agent organization The First Order.

Only from being gone he hasn't realized Rey has come back for good, and is now part of his mother's organization The Resistance.

What happens when Rey's undercover mission to the enemy's quarters backfire?

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