Graduation Day

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"I must remember to shut the blinds before I go to bed" I muttered to myself when the rays of sunshine seeped through my window, waking me up earlier than I expected-or wanted. I yawned as I pulled off the blanket and sat up on the bed. I rubbed my eyes and grabbed my phone from the bedside table, yawning again. If he had been there, he would have said I was a Morgenmuffel and then probably chuckled at his own joke. Instead, he was somewhere in Switzerland, resting after his race weekend.

I sighed while checking my phone. I just ignored the chat groups and only focused on his messages:

"But, if you were me, what would you do? Because I'm starving but I don't want to go downstairs to get food"

"This is one of the toughest decisions I've faced"

"I'm too tired to stand up, I'll starve on bed"

"Julia? Are you still there?"

"I guess you have fallen asleep... Goodnight then"

"Ich liebe dich, meine kleine Schatz"

I bit my lip, trying to contain the grin on my face. He was so sweet, yet never too cheesy. However, his messages made me feel a bit lonely. It was a very special day for me, I was finally graduating from college that evening. But he wasn't there to support me. I had invited him a few weeks ago, the last time I saw him back at the Spanish Grand Prix. He had told me that he would try his best to come and be there for me, but he eventually didn't find the way to make it. I understood it, being a Formula 1 driver may have a lot of advantages, but we always struggled to clear out our timetables to spend some time together. While he was travelling all over the world at 190 mph, I was stuck on my little apartment studying for my finals. Nevertheless, that was fortunately about to end. I had just got hired by a Swiss company to do some research on neuroscience, my field of study, and I was over the moon about that. Not only because I was going to work doing what I loved, but I was going to get to see him more often.

I got out of bed and slowly made my way to the bathroom, while typing a good morning message to Seb. Despite being an early bird, I knew he wasn't going to answer until later in the morning, so I just dropped the phone on the unmade bed once I was out of the bathroom and started to get ready. It was going to be a pretty long day.

When I finished zipping my dress, someone knocked on my door. I let out a gasp and opened the door to find Melodie, my best friend, looking flawlessly ready to face the day.

"Why haven't you even put your make-up on? We're running late, we've got tons of things to do today!" she exclaimed, rushing into my room and started tidying up. "Go and get ready, I'll clean this mess"

I mumbled something to myself in German and combed my hair in a rush. Once I finished, I came back to my room to catch Mel hanging my graduation gown together with the dress I was wearing underneath it outside of the wardrobe.

"Have you already decided which earrings you'll wear?" she asked, starting to look through my jewellery box and the drawers on my table.

"No..." I sighed. "I've been busy worrying about other things" I added on a whisper as I took the sandals out of the wardrobe and put them on.

"Hey, Jules" she gave me a concerned look before sitting by my side and put her arm on my shoulder. "I know you're sad because your blonde guy is not coming... But I'm sure that, wherever he is resting his lazy bones, he's so proud of you, darling. Besides, I'll be there and so will your parents and the twins. Don't we make up for his absence?"

"I guess" I shrugged and stood up before tears defeated me. "Let's go then"

As Melodie had promised, we had a really busy day, mainly looking for a pair shoes that matched my dress (yes, I'm the kind of girl who lives on the edge and leaves everything up until the very last minute) and in the salon. I wasn't actually keen on that kind of things, but my beloved friend played the you-don't-graduate-everyday card, so I just let myself go. In fact, it wasn't that bad. It helped me to forget about Sebastian and that he hadn't replied to my morning message. It was weird, but I had other things running through my mind at the moment.  For instance, how I was going to go up to the stage without falling down the stairs that led up to it due to the high heels I was supposed to wear.

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