Broken trust

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   I wake up to a empty bed.

"What the fuck" I mutter. I get up and look in the bathroom. She wasn't there either. I look at the clock 3:30 what the hell. Where would she be at 3:30. I call up Natasha.

"Girl what the hell you doing calling me at 3 in da damn morning"

"Adrian's isn't here it's like Three on the morning" I say.

"what's?" she ask.

"I was sleep when I wake up she won't here girl Hailey use to do that" I say

"Okay wait did you ask her what she does" Natasha ask.

"I....well I was gonna but then she...we she kissed me and became demanding so I...I forgot." I admit. Images of her fast thrust her pounding in me the feeling of her grabbing.....Whoa Miranda come back.

"Really Randy" she asks.

"What girl she got aggressive and demanding and I just I was distracted. Do you think she cheating on me like I walked in the room earlier and she shut her computer quick put it up she got a text message while we were fucking she stopped and read it. She has been walking outside with her conversation on the phone now"I say.

"Oh damn girl yeah that sound a little funny..." she trails off. I go to her suitcase and go through it and I see her phone but its another one not her usual.

"What the fuck" I whisper.

"What girl what you find" she asks hearing me.

"I don't know yet" I say. I turn it on I remember how to break into phones.
  tonight at 3 hope to see you sexy

"Oh hell no!!" I yell.

"Girl what happen" Natasha asks.


"Oh shit find her computer" she says.

I get a chair and get my short ass up there and pull out her laptop. I opened it. 

     lock code

"shit what would it be...." I pause.

"You got it" she asks.

"Yes I just gotta figure out her lock code." I say. I think and come up with the date of her parents death
   "incorrect code try again" the screen says.

"shit" I say. then try her aunts wedding date.

    incorrect one more try"

"It's a date or time maybe something that changed her life" she says.

"Got it but let's hope it works or it will lock me out" I say.

"Okay" she say. I put in the date of my cousins bday the same day I gave her my virginity. The screen unlock.

"Yes got it" I say.

"hell yeah now go to her email." Natasha said way to excited about this. I shake my head. Before I could get into her email I saw video chat. I clicked it and went through the history the same name kept popping up. Veesexy.
"the fuck" I mutter. I close the computer fuming. How could she cheat on me after everything we been through? What did I do? I start crying because damn it hurt.

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