Robb Stark - Take a bow

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Word Count : 1341

Part : 1/1

Changes : Daenerys and Robb working together 

Warning : One spoiler - marriage of one of the characters 

Grammar check : I did but honestly it's almost one AM here and I'm too tired so mistakes might come but I'll be sure to fix them later. 

Inspiration (songs I listen to while writing) : Leona Lewis - Take a bow 

  "The future's about to change

Before you know it the curtain closes

Take a look around "

You had never been one to spend time with other Lords and Ladies, the high born were boring people, all the girls just wanted to talk about Lords and marriages, the men always drinking or visiting brothels on many occasions. Maybe that's why you decided to join Daenerys.

Her sympathy and an unusual approach to people lower status is what lured you in and eventually made you stay. Throughout your journey together you quickly rose in ranks and no sooner did you take the position of Daenerys most trusted friend.

So that was how you found yourself now, standing in front of a meadow that was easily covered and ultimately overtaken by snow. Half of Stark's man taking watch of the hundreds of tents spread across the land.

Pulling your horse gently you advancing on them.

You were highly engrossed into finding Robb Stark that you haven't noticed a guy standing in the middle of the army awaiting you impatiently. God was he handsome, and his shoulders were so broad, it took you a moment to realise it him.

He gave you a sweet smile and came near to help you get down from your horse. "Lady Y/A, we've expected you to come sooner."

You stumbled a bit finding his arm as a small support before regaining balance, leaving your cheeks read as you nodded. The ships weren't Dothraki's frote, all of them throwing up which resulted in a needed rest, but of course you couldn't say that.

"Excuse us Lord Stark, we hardly know the land."

"I understand" he told you as he smiled down at you." One of my man will show you where you will be staying. We'll talk tomorrow about the plans, I'm sure we'll come to an agreement quickly."

The next morning you woke up to find yourself in an uncomfortable position that left you with a sprained neck and a massive headache. You were helped by your handmaiden – given to you despite your protests- to dress you in a gown of Robb's choosing.

As you were walking down the path you felt eyes burning holes in your body making your whole face heat up in embarrassment.

"Lady Y/A." Robb greeted you, smiling and rising from his chair to plant a kiss on your hand. Until then you hadn't notice how truly handsome he was. Woman in Yunkai had warned you about his charms but you tossed it aside thinking it was a stupid story made up by women who had too much time on their hands.

Pushing the anxious feeling in your stomach you plastered a smile before speaking." Queen Daenerys gave you her conditions. She will let you be King Of The North and in exchange you help her sit on the Iron Throne and pledge your loyalty to her. Once that is done, she will give you her army and support to achieve it."

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