The Lonely.

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The night was quiet,
not like her mind though.

The night was dark
just like her heart.

The room was empty,
Her bed was cold.

In her head, his voice she could hear,
His laugh could enjoy,
His lips could touch,
His body could hug.

She could imagine,
How they could spend the night,
Talking and laughing,
Hearing stories.

She even smirked,
At the thought of him,
Being at her side,
Making her happy, only with his presence.

And that was clear for her,
No one else could,
Make her smile, the way he did,
Or even fantasize, the way he did.

She loved him,
And he didn't know it,
She loved him,
And he didn't care.

He never did.

And soon she realizes,
That all of that was in her head,
Her head making fun of her,
And he wasn't here.

He wasn't here,
And she wasn't there,
She was in the dark, she was a laugh,
She was alone. Fooled.

4 years after I wrote this, I'm somewhat ashamed of some things in this book. I was 16 and I had my first "crush" that then became an enfatuation. I never loved him. I would never love a piece of shit like that. I know my value now.

Hope all of us can learn from our mistakes. I did.

Originally published on, March 29, 2016.

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