Chapter 1.

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Suman's POV.

I knew it! I just knew it. No matter what people said, I was sure that things could not end so easily. I ducked behind the cupboard, hoping I had not been seen. I was not going to ruin things by alerting him. It would ruin everything if he realised I was just behind, within reachable distance.

I look around desperately for something to fling on him and ensure others also see him, and believe me. I saw an empty jute sack not far from where I was standing. Perfect! He won't even be able move once this lands on him I thought with a triumphant smile.

I bend down slightly on my knees and reach out –


I jump startled and fall in a clumsy heap giving away myself. Oh no!

I look at his direction worried and our eyes meet before he runs away and hides.

I turn angrily towards the owner of the voice. "Pushker! You good for nothing oaf! Why are you trying to puncture your lungs?" I ask angrily as I bat away the hand he had extended to help me up. I leap up and stand in front of him, my hands on my hips.

"What were you doing, slumped behind this cupboard?" He asked me ignoring my question. I turn away from him feeling beyond pissed at him. Silly guy! Ruined my chance. I had been so close. But where did he go? I am sure he is still hiding somewhere close.

I look around, squinting my eyes in my attempt to spot the runaway chap.


"Shhh! He will hear you. I can see him now." I say as I grab the sack and move forward slowly.

"Who will hear me?" Pushkar asks not bothering to lower his voice.

I turn and fling the sack on him angrily. "He got away again!"

"Sumo, you have an invisible male friend in your kitchen? Naughty girl!" He tweaks my cheek and quickly ducks out of reach as I try to hit him.

"The RAT you silly guy!"

"You have been jumping around like a bandit queen for a rat! And how do you know it is a 'he'?"

"It has been living here alone since past few weeks, only a male will be doing that!" I say sarcastically.

"It is here alone since few weeks? Then I guess you are right, it has to be male mouse."

I narrow my eyes at him. Why is he agreeing?

"I mean a female would have got pregnant and delivered by now!" He laughs as he runs, trying to get away from me.

"Why are you here?" I ask him as he runs to the other side of the kitchen counter in his attempt to get away from me.

"Shravan bhaiya called today morning-"

"Who is Shravan? I don't know any Shravan." I say turning away from him, so that he does see my cheeks getting a pink hue. And heart will you please stop jumping around in my chest??

"He is my brother, he lives in Denmark."

"Denmark!! When did he leave London?"

"Yay! Your memory is restored." Pushkar said.

Oops! I can almost feel this big oaf smirking.

"London! I have absolutely no idea who lives there. I just thought it could be London. You know Denmark is so far away from Delhi." I blabber.

Way to go Sumo! You don't need anyone else, you are self-equipped to embarrass yourself I say to myself as I hear Pushkar's utterly delighted laughter from behind me.

"What exactly were you planning to do with the sack? Make a tent for your friend, the rat?"

"Haha very funny." I poked my tongue at him. "I am going to catch hold of the rat and take it outside to my family. They don't believe me when I say food is going missing because of him and not because of me and my cousins gorging on it."

"Aww.. You are going to formally introduce the rat to family? How sweet is that? I will shoot this occasion. This video will go viral on the internet-"His silly rant got interrupted as I poured water over his head.

I laughed at his stunned expression. I ran out of the kitchen with him chasing on my heels with a jug of water. As I reached halfway to the hall I stilled at the voice that reached my ears.

I pricked my ears in my attempt to hear better, and prove myself wrong.

My eyes widened as I felt myself freeze. Shravan! How can he be here? He was in London this morning when he spoke to Pushkar and it is not even noon yet!

"Got you!" I heard Pushkar's voice as water poured over my head. The silly ass!

I turned towards him, still in compete state of shock. "Shravan? Why? I mean how? I mean he was in London today morning when you spoke to him on phone? It cannot be him. I know it is not him-"

"He called from New Delhi airport. That is what I was trying to tell you! He gave us all a pleasant surprise with this visit."

I looked at him stunned. He is telling this to me now? " It would give me a great pleasure to kill you right now." I tell him with a scathing look. I want to scrape that devilish grin out of his face right now with a knife!

"Suman! Look who is here!." I hear my Aunty say as she caught sight of me from where she was sitting.

Drat! I was just about to sneak away.

"Suman, guess who it is?" I hear my uncle say, though he could not see me as I was still away from the hall.

I held back the groan that threatened to come out me. No way! Not when I am looking like that rat in the kitchen with water dripping from me!

I need to get away! I cannot go in front of him without fixing myself up!

I gasp as I feel myself suddenly pulled forward. "Pushkar! Leave my hand. Wait!"

Too late! I look desperately around and lo- Our eyes meet! I cannot help but stare.

My heart! Oh my heart! Don't give up on me yet. It does not help when he lets his eyes roam over me and takes in my current state.

"Suman what have you been upto?" I hear my Aunty's disproving voice.

Of course! Point it out to be sure he does not miss. I break eye contact with Shravan with effort and glare at Pushkar who is by now sitting next to Shravan, grinning like a cheeky monkey.

Why is no one noticing how this silly coot is looking?


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