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Prompt anon: Farkle asks riley to be his fake gf au?

"Riley please." He begged.
"No Farkle! It's too weird!" She repeated.
"Just for a week?" He asked
She closed her eyes, she was thinking about it.
After all what was the worse that could happen? It was only a week.
All she had to do was go to his family reunion and pretend to be his girlfriend. Easy. His parents didn't know anything about his personal life so they wouldn't be a problem. When she opened her eyes again he was looking at her pleadingly.
"Riley please. I'll be your slave for a month!"
He was desperate. She couldn't say no to him now. She smiled and nodded. When he understood that she was going to do it he jumped up and down with happiness.
"When do we have to leave?" She asked happy he was happy.
"Four days." He said
Four days to plan everything?


Riley's POV

The train comes to a stop. Outside it's all white. The snow has finally stopped falling but the whole town has been covered. Farkle takes our suitcases off the rack and starts walking off the train. I follow him closely. This town may be small but I've never been here. Farkle waits for me on the platform. I take one of the suitcases and he takes my hand. Despite my gloves my hands are cold. I welcome the warmth of his hand in mine. I look at him and see him take a deep breath. Then I hear screeching.
"Farkle's here! Auntie he's got a girl with him!"
A little girl that looks about 9 is jumping up and down. A bunch of people stand there smiling and waving. They all look kind.
Farkle's grip on my hand tightens. I squeeze it back and he seems to relax.
A girl who looks about 12 runs up to us and hugs Farkle, forcing him to let go of my hand.
The other people seem to take example on her and walk to us. They all crowd around Farkle first and then they turn to me.
I don't know what to say.  I don't feel prepared.Farkle takes my hand again and leads everyone out of the station and drags me through the town/village and to a big house decorated perfectly for Christmas.

Me and Farkle are sharing a room (and a bed). I thought it would make me uncomfortable but it doesn't.
When we went back downstairs once we'd finished unpacking everyone was looking at us.
There must have been at least 26 people in that living room. Farkle sat in an armchair and that's when I got the idea.
"If I'm gonna do this, I'll do it right." I thought.
I looked at him and without warning sat in his lap. I heard some people "Aww". He gave me a surprised look but I didn't explain. I just rested my head on his chest and started playing with his fingers.
I can hear his heartbeat accelerate  and then slow back down. His family is dying to ask us about our relationship but don't, waiting for him to open the conversation.
The little girls all look at me in a funny way. I can't tell what they're  thinking.


Farkle and I are in our bedroom planning our next moves when we hear someone downstairs call the house for dinner. He gives me an encouraging smile and we go to the dining hall.
We are seated next to each other. The conversation goes from baseball, to politics, to College. Then Farkle seems to decide it's time to make it seem real.
"Yeah, Riley and I actually have that class together." He says.
They look at me and then his Aunt Patricia asks:
"So, how long have you two been together?"
"About six months." I answer, smiling.
After a long talk about how we met and things like that everyone splits into different groups and talks.
When Farkle's niece Jane tells me about her best friend I accidentally overhear Farkle's cousin and him talking.
"So you two are in the Blue room?" He asks Farkle
"You know what that means." He says mischievously
"Jake, don't!" Farkle hisses
"Come on! I wish I was in that room with Jess. No one can hear you do it in that room." Jake says to Farkle, shrugging
"That's not true. Millie and Nick could hear us." Farkle says. I know he's blushing.
"Yeah but not if you're quiet. Are you two regular?"

"Are you gonna... Tonight?"
Farkle chokes, coughing.
"What's it to you?" He asks shaking.
Then Jake goes into a lengthy monologue on how to please a woman silently. He then explains that his wife said that she hoped we were regular because it meant we were a "healthy couple".
Farkle then explodes laughing and changed the subject.
I want to laugh so hard but then they'll know I was listening.

Farkle's POV

We walked up the stairs and when we reached the door she stopped. Then without warning she grabbed my face and crashed her lips on mine. I was taken aback but when I heard someone walk up the stairs and then mumble
"Get a room"
I understood. She kept kissing me and dragged me into the room. As soon as the door closed she backed away and went in the bathroom. Leaving me to my thoughts.
I wanted to kiss her again. I wanted to touch her. I realised right then that this was a mistake. I'd fallen in love with my best friend, again.

When she came out she was wearing the shirt we'd agree she would use as a pyjama. The sight of her bare legs made me dizzy.
She sat next to me on the bed and looked deep into my eyes. She took a deep breath and said:
"Ok so I thought about it and..." She paused "I want this to be realistic. I want to earn you being my slave. This is going to be fun." She grinned "So the only thing is we're going to have to act like a couple, everywhere. Even when we're alone."
She explained that she was going to arrange that someone walk in on us "doing it". She had it all planned out.
It was stupid but I said yes. We would kiss alot and... In the back of my mind I hoped something more would happen.
She stood up on the bed and started jumping on it. She pulled me up with her and we started jumping on the bed. I still didn't understand what she was doing until she started moaning loudly. She was fake sleeping with me. I looked at her, wanting to laugh so bad, and when she nodded I decided to join in.
"Farkle!" She moaned. Covering her mouth to hide her giggles.
"Riley!" I said loudly.
She was staring  at me and then she stopped jumping.
She frowned, thinking hard about something. She lay down and pulled me down with her. We both lay on our backs, breathing loudly. She turned to look at me and so did I.

Riley's POV

I'd never felt this way before. All I wanted to do was kiss him. I could if I wanted. It would be like practice.
I decided to try it. I moved my face closer to his so our lips were just inches apart. I placed on hand on his cheek and kissed him. It wasn't like in the hall this was passionate. We moved up so we were on our knees. He put his hand on my waist pulling me closer. I unconsciously licked my lips making him gasp. I did it again and he moaned this time. I moved my mouth to his neck and started softly licking, nipping and kissing that spot under his jaw I know he likes.
He shivered and I loved it. I loved that I was in control. I moved to straddle him without moving my lips.
He must've decided to take control because that's what he did.
He put a hand on my ass and moved my lips back to his.

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