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"Ah! Chan-please.."

"Argh. . You are still too tight" chanyeol growled.

"Please yeol hi-hit me there"

"Yes. God yes ! Again harder..."

"Baek...let's come together ..okay baby.."

I'm. .coming.."
baekhyun screamed air out of his lungs.


"Hey baek..wake taeyang will be here soon.."

"Plz chanyeol just tell her I'm sick..I  can't walk right now".

"Baekhyun you know i don't want her to feel insecure about our relationship. "

*I  know chanyeol but can't you at least kiss me..and ask me to go.

Why am I letting you  use me?

Am I  crazy in love with you?

But you will never love me right?

Not even for a moment?

I love you chanyeol!

Plz love me back*

Baek quickly dress up she's already here..


she was , is and always will be your love right chanyeol

Then why are you using me..ahh once you told me right..

Yes I won't get pregnant right ..that's why you used my feelings to be your slut right?

I wanted to ask chanyeol but I never will. Because I want to live in this dream with chanyeol.  I don't want him to throw me away..

Use me all you want but just ...

Just for once can you love me...

Will you kiss me with love

Will you touch me with love

Will look at me with love

Will you smile with love

Will you hold me with love

As you always do....

In my sweetest dreams...

Gosh this not gonna be an innocent story. Bit angst that will hurt you will be there and mpreg as well.
But I'm not sure whether to write smut or not . Well it'll take sometime for me to update be patient and support me...
Love ya.....


- thianaPCY-

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