Chapter 3

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I sigh deeply brushing through my blue locks its been about 3 weeks  since my encounter with Natsu and i can't help but feel slightly nervous of how he's gonna act with me in public . Everytime I would see him he would either ignore me or just leave the class room . I sigh and look at myself in the full length mirror in my room . Hair down,black tank top , white jean shorts , grey cardigan, and some black ankle boots . I can't believe I'm actually doing this I'm dressing up for him. I put on a bit of lip gloss and some mascara along with the touch of winged eyeliner . 'There that should do it' i think to myself . I look in the mirror once again giving a twirl . I look good to say the least . I grab my backpack and head downstairs and grab a bottle of water from the kitchen along with a granola bar.

"Wow for someone who is human you have a nice body especially that ass." I hear someone say . I jump slightly and i turn around to meet with a smirking Natsu leaning against the kitchens wall . I glare at him .

"What the hell  are you doing in my house Natsu ?" i ask him sternly . He looks at me and continues to smirk . "Just checking on you is all " he shrugs . I roll my eyes he clearly wants something . "You don't break into someones house just to 'check on them' especially after you avoided and ignored me for 3 weeks ,so what is it you want if it is within my reach I'll give it to you . " I say while crossing my arms . He walks over to me and picks me up . "Dragneel put me down . Now!" I say while kicking in the air .

He sits me on the counter top and stands in between my legs placing his hands on the exposed skin of my legs rubbing his hands in an up and down motion. "You turn me on so badly Juvia . " He whispers huskily in my ear . I can already feel myself blushing . "Get your hormones together and get off of me! Get off of m-" i was cut off by him crashing his lips against mine . This is the second time we've kissed since we met . I punch his arm but he wouldn't even flinch. He moves his hands up to my bottom and pulls me closer to him .

I slowly close my eyes and once again give into this guilty pleasure . I start kissing him back . The kiss slowly gets rougher and I wrap my legs around his waist when he all the sudden runs at inhuman speed carrying me and slams me into one of the hallway walls . We both pull away for air but he trails kisses from my jawline to my neck and i can feel him giving me a hickey on the left side of my neck .

I slightly moan and he smirks against my skin then sinks his teeth into my flesh . I gasp but try and resist the pain he was giving me . He sucks for a few seconds then he pulls away . He kisses me again , only this time sliding his tongue into my mouth i let him explore my mouth as i do the same with him . After a while we pull away for air . He looks into my eyes . I look back into his onyx green ones which are glowing bright green . "Natsu why do your eyes glow green?" i ask him , he just shifts uncomfortably and looks away from me . "It's nothing . Hurry up . School starts soon. Later . " He sets me on the floor and walks out leaving me speechless  .

What just happened ? He makesout with me and then he just walks away . But I'm an even bigger idiot for letting him do this to me . I sigh and walk out locking the door . I quietly make my way to school . I get there on time and still have 10 minutes left to spare . I quickly go to my locker and grab my books .

As I'm walking I get pushed and slammed into a wall . I look up to the person to see Lucy and she seems very angry by the look of rage on her face . "L-Lucy h-hi-" i was cut off mid sentence by a sharp slap that came from her . "Stay the hell away from Natsu he's mine. Understood Lockser?!" . She points her index finger at my face . "Y-yes . D-don't worry I won't get near him I-I s-swear . " I tell her scared .

She lets go of me . "Better listen to me slut I'm the queen of this school and what i say goes so if you don't wanna be the new laughing stalk of the school you better obey my orders  . Oh and one more thing . Don't even try to tell anyone about this they won't believe you  . " With that she walks away with her group of friends .

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