Chapter 2

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I sigh as i walk down the now empty school hallway . Everyone left but i stayed behind to check some stuff at the library it was now 4:17pm and only the teachers where at school and a few students couting myself in as well . I set my books in my locker , close it ,and walk out . I walk back to my house . I grab the keys from my pocket and open the house door and walk in . As usual I'm home alone . I decide on doing my homework and taking a shower .

By the time I'm done . I look at the clock and it read 7:37 pm . I sigh . I decide on going for a walk around since my dad is on an important business trip and won't be back for a month or two . I walk along the alone peacefull and quiet streets . Its a nice night . The full moon was shinning bright . And it gave off a nice touch to the basically abandoned streets i was walking . As I'm deep in thought i suddenly bump into something and fall. I wait for my face to feel the impact of the floor but I don't. I slowly open my eyes to meet with onyx green eyes . I look at Natsu and carefully pulls be back up from my waist . I stand up properly and dust my knees off .

"Umm...sorry i didn't see you ...again" i kinda laugh a little he smiles a bit but then it quickly fades . I look at him still smiling . "Thank you for umm...catching me ..." i awkwardly look down.

"Tch , yeah no problem, whatever... but seriously Juvia you should watch where your going ." he chuckles a little bit . I giggle . We both smile at eachother .

"Natsu...its the first time you've been nice to me since we met . I know i might be nosy but why?" i ask him. He looks at me straight in the eyes . "I have a reputation to keep up" he says i just roll my eyes . "Ever heard of vampires Juvia?" he asks me . I nod yes . He steps closer to me until he's inches appart from me . He has to bend down to be face to face with me cuz he's much taller than me .

"Then you should know they are very real . And that on lovely nights like this you can easily become one of our victims ."He whispers in my ear. I gasp and look up at him to see that fangs are starting to grow from his mouth . He pushes me against a wall in an abandoned alley way and bends down to my neck moving my hair to the side . He gently sinks his teeth into my skin . I wince .

" hurts ....w-what are you doing...?" i ask him as he starts to suck blood out of me . After a while he pulls away. Blood drips from the corner of his mouth . I reach my hands to wipe the blood off of the side of his lips and chin . He lets me . He looks into my eyes . "You're not afraid are you ?" He asks me and i nod my head no . "Good . This will be our little secret got it ?" he raises an eyebrow at me . I nod my head yes .

He boops my forehead and then looks at my lips . "Vampire secrets are sealed with a kiss so ..." he tells me , before i can protest he smashes his lips against mine . I close my eyes and allow myself sink into this guilty pleasure and kiss him back . He pulls away after some time to breath . He's breathing heavily and so am i. I look down . He lifts my chin up with his index finger. He pecks my lips . "Your different from all the girls . I like it since whenever i like something i have it from now on you belong to me you understand ?" he looks at me . I just nod my head yes . He smirks. "Good . Cuz your gonna be living with me from now on . "

My eyes widen from shock . "We barely met today Natsu...." . "No Juvia i've known all about you for a long time now . From the N shaped birth mark on your inner left thigh to the fact that your actually adopted . " He tells me . My eyes widen from shock. Woah. He knows ..."b-but h-how...?" was all I could really say before i suddenly felt very light headed and dizzy . I lost my balance and i felt Natsu catch me before i slipped away into pure darkness .

I wake up to see I'm in a bed but not mine. I sit up , well at least try to but i feel something heavy keep me from it . I look to my side to see that Natsu is sleeping beside me with both of his arms wrapped around me. He looks so different with his sleeping face on ...he looks like a normal and nicer person like that . Unfortunetly that face didn't last for long because he slowly fluttered his eyes open . I feel so idiotic right now because I'm straight up starring at him . I can feel my cheeks getting warm and i quickly look to the side ashamed of my bad manners. I hear him chuckle .

" what you see? Cuz i sure as hell am enjoying the sight in front of me ." He says . "What do you mean by sight?" i ask him and suddenly he points at me . I look down and realize i am only in my bra and underwear, being covered only by a thin red silk shit . "K-kya!" i hide under the covers embarrased . He chuckles . "D-did you take advantage of me while I was unconcious ?!" i ask from under the covers . He scoffs "Eww of course not , i just removed  most of your clothing , due to the fact that you had a bad fever and that you were sweating alot . Don't assume things Lockser. I did it on a complete safety measured manner . Geez..." he says.

"Sorry and...thanks ..." i tell him . He just scoffs once again. I slowly stick my head out of the covers he looks at me and and makes a 'Tsk' sound. "Hurry up we gotta drop you off at your house" he tells me . "Wait at my house ?" i ask him when i sit up . He throws my clothes at me. I can them swiftly. "Yeah i don't wanna be seen in public with you now hurry up and get dressed . " He tells me . "Well excuse me for being 'out of your league' Dragneel. " I tell him doing air quotation marks with my fingers. He just laughs . "Out of my league no you got it way too downgraded . In case you haven't noticed Mrs. Goody two shoes . Your in a house with a blood sucking demon . Or as you idiotic mortals prefer to call it vampires ." He yells at me .

After I'm done putting my clothes on which is while we argue i don't know why but I feel like I can trust him . I somewhat feel secure and safe around him. "I'm not afraid of a dog with no teeth Dragneel." I tell him . He looks at me with an angry expression and runs at an inhuman speed towards me pinning me to the wall. He growls and I gulp afraid that he's gonna kill me but I put on my best strong  and fearless face . His fangs grow and his onyx green eyes start to glow . "Don't ever back sass me Lockser do you understand me ?! Answer me!" he yells at me while gripping the collar of my shirt .

I smirk and tell him calmly "No . Your are not my father nor mother to tell what and what I shouldn't do . " His eyes widen and he growls but this time louder still carrying me by my collar he runs at an inhuman speed pinning me down on the bed . I slightly gulp and he chuckles and licks his lips . "I can sure as hell become your Daddy just to make you follow the rules I imply on you Lockser " he whispers in my ear huskily . I slightly blush and he chuckles once again . We both stare into eachothers eyes , his onyx green eyes soften as he looks into my deep blue ocean ones .

Suddenly we both find ourselves leaning in . He runs his thumb across my lower lip and then continues but I look away . "You have a girlfriend remember " I mumble looking to the side . "Who says we were gonna kiss and even if we did she means nothing to me . " He says and softens his grip on my wrists but I'm still being pinned down . He's in between my legs while he's on top of me. We're just starring into eachothers eyes as we take slow and steady breaths . That is until he breaks the silence "Are you afraid of me Juvia ?" he looks into my eyes while asking me . I look back into his "No Natsu I'm not afraid of you , not one bit . "

He smirks a little "Alright then . From now on you belong to me got it . Your mine and only mine if I need your blood you just give it to me . If I ask for you , you must come to me . If I need you , you help me . Understood?" he aks me . I just slowly nod my head yes . Every part of my body inside is screaming no but in my heart it just feels so right . I barely know this guy and I'm already trusting him and submitting to his every desire . Yep I am trusting the vampire Natsu Dragneel.

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