Chapter One

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I stood in front of the giant double doors . Nervousness rushing and coursing through my veins . It was my time in this highschool and I was scared and excited both in one . I couldn't think straight as i walked through the hallways . I was looking for my locker .

Oh locker 371 found it . I was about to open it with the combination given to me when someone bumps into me making me drop all of my belongings to the floor . I sigh and bend down to pick my things.

When i stand up to see who had bumped into me i look up to see a set of cherry blossom hair meeting and gazing into onyx green eyes  and a cold hard stare glare from the beautiful face of this greek god standing in front of me. Woah . I shyly look down to stare at my feet  and tuck a strand of my naturally blue hair behind my ear as I shuffle them uncomfortably.

"S-sorry...m-my b-bad..."i say . Even though it was clearly his fault he was the one who bumped into me .

"Tsk. Watch where you're standing nerd." he says while still glaring . I look back up to notice there is a blonde beauty beside him . She has chocolate brown eyes . Lightly tanned skin , and her hair was tied up in a high ponytail . She was wearing a tight green shirt that revealed enough cleavege to almost make her big bossoms pop out along with some white shorts with matching black ankle boots .

I must say she was very pretty . But she looked to be the type of girl that is may i say the word slutty . I'm assuming she's his girlfriend because she was holding his hand and was all over him. I tried smiling at her only to earn a glare from her . With that they both walked off to who knows where . I sighed once again this was the 1st day and I was already having the cold shoulder.

As I finished organizing my books into the order of the schedule the school bell rings informing everyone that it was time for 1st period. As i entered the room where history will be held I noticed that there were still some available seats in the back so that is where i was headed until someone tripped me but luckily I got to regain my balance in time only to just stumble a little . I look to the side to see that it was the same boy from earlier this morning .

"Didn't I tell you to watch where you're going nerd . Tsk geez follow an order would ya. " He said rudely.

"Sorry but you're not one to boss me around you rude unmannered jerk." I told him then continued to walk to the seat I mentally picked which was right beside him. Someone sitting in front of me with raven hair turns to look at me.

"Feisty . I like them like that. So what's your name?" he asks me smirking .

"None of your concern. " I tell him and look ahead of him . He chuckles and sticks his hand out . I stare at it debating whether to shake it or not . After a few seconds of giving thought to it i decide on just shaking his hand . He's still smirking .

"Gray Fullbuster . " He tells me while shaking my hand. I felt an electric shock while he was shaking it . Weird .

"Juvia Lockser. Nice to meet you." I smile at him . He smiles back. I hear a 'tsk' sound coming from beside me and i see the boy with the cherry blossom hair roll his eyes as if he was bored and annoyed . Gray laughs and points at him .

"That right there is Natsu Dragneel. He's my best friend .Don't mind his flamebrained moodswings. " He laughs and i giggle a little .

"Shut up ice princess I ain't the one who's scared of my own girlfriend . " Natsu says while clenching his fists and glaring at the both of us. He turns to fully look at me pointing a finger.

"And you, know your place you ugly face looking nerd . " He tells me . I gulp at his harshness but put on a strong and emotionless strong face .

"I do know my place and it is way above yours . Your beneath me . So if anyone should know their place it's you." I tell him . His eyes widen and he glares at me . When he opens his mouth to say something the teacher walks in.

"Alright listen up you brats its your senior year . Just because its the last it doesn't mean it'll be easy . " Everybody groans in annoyance of the teacher's annoucement. I roll my eyes . Seriously this teacher needs a chill pill . Gray looks at me and smiles . I smile back . He reminds me somewhat of my brother Gajeel in the sense that they're both nice and social . Unlike Natsu .

"So Erza hates Lucy . And basically she's the only girl who sits with us at lunch so maybe you'd like to sit with us maybe ? I'm sure Erza would love you the minute she lays eyes on you . "Gray tells me . I nod yes .

The first three periods are a blurr and soon lunch time comes. I'm holding my tray of lunch which contains some french fries a bottle of water and an apple . I'm not much of an eater . I spot Gray and see a few others sitting with them . I walk over to him and he waves hello to me and stands up .

"Guys this is Juvia she's in me and Natsu's history class . " He introduces me . I smile and wave hello and i sit beside a girl with scarlet hair . She was very pretty and seemed to be nice. I assume she's the famous Erza , Gray's girlfriend because they were holding hands . I smile at her and she smiles back. She sticks her hand out and i shake it . 

"I'm Erza, it's nice to meet you Juvia . Great to know a girl who is sweet and decent. " She says the last part looking at Natsu . He scoffs .

"Lucy is great okay your just jealous that you ain't as pretty and curvy as her . " Natsu tells her . She glares at him .

"I'm sorry why would i be jealous of a slutty whore who has slept with half of the basketball team including yourself in the bunch . " She tells him . As if on kue the blond whom i assume is Lucy walks up to us and sits on Natsu's lap . They start making out . Eww gross . I look down at my tray .

I start to eat on my french fries silently as those 2 smooch and Gray and Erza start arguing about how Erza should be nicer . But Erza keeps saying that Lucy isn't a saint either . Someone sits beside me . I look up to see a silver haired boy about Natsu and Gray's age . He smiles at me and i smile back. Gray clears his throat and speaks up .

"Juvia that's my cousin Lyon Vastia." he says . I nod and shake his hand .

"Juvia Lockser." i say while shaking his hand . "Nice to meet you Juvia." He says . I hear a scoff and a 'ugh' sound . I look to my left to see Lucy glaring at me .

"Natsu what's she doing here . " She tells Natsu . "I don't know babe. " He tells her . "I invited her to join us Lucy so be nice." Gray speaks up and Erza nods as if saying she agrees with her boyfriend . Lucy scoffs. "Why would you invite that skank to join us for lunch for one she's ugly and i bet she's a stupid nerd." Lucy says .

"For one nerds are actually smart . Two she isn't ugly she has natural beauty unlike you Lucy . " Erza replies to her . "Erza really you don't have to say anything , she's right." i speak up. Erza turns to look at me and shakes her head . "No Juvia it isn't . I only tolerate this whore because she is my best friends girlfriend . But not anymore I'm sick of her childish and stupid behaviour . If you cannot act as a mature senior student then leave Lucy . " Erza says looking directly at Lucy.

"She's right Lucy your behaviour has past its limit . Please act your age ." Lyon says. Natsu speaks up. "You guys are just jealous of how awesome she is . Seriously stop defending a bitch you barely know . Geez . Let's go Luce . " Natsu stands up and leaves with Lucy following like a lost puppy behind him .

Erza sighs shaking her head . "Don't fret babe . They'll get over it ." Gray assures Erza while rubbing her shoulders . They make such a perfect couple . "So..." Lyon turns to look at me . "How old are you Juvia? You look rather young to be a senior ." Lyon says . "I'm 16 years old . " I answer his question . He chuckles . "Knew it . Skip a few grades ?". he asks me . I nod my head yes .

The bell rings signaling its time to go to 4th period . "Well go to go guys see ya around ." i tell them and they all nod yes and erza says 'of course obviously' .I dump the remaining of my lunch in the trash bin and set the tray on top of it walking off to my next class .

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