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3 years later

New Florida

As Nora wheeled her way to the Sim-station she smiled, "finally a way to earn money" she thought out-loud. She knew she probably would get somewhere considering her history, but frowned when she thought of the day when she lost her legs. That wouldn't matter in the simulator.

Nora lived in the slums of the city. It was a long journey to get to the spire, which was directly in the middle of the city.  Living in the Lune age, it wasn't as dangerous going through the roads. Thanks to the fact that the cars levitated about 30 feet in the air, and couldn't get any lower unless the engine was off. She was pulled out of her thoughts when she looked up and saw the spire.

"That didn't take long" she muttered. "Nothing does when you're nervous" said a voice. Nora would have fallen backwards if she'd had legs; instead she hesitated, after an inward jump, and asked "Yeah...who are you?" as she turned to look and see where the male voice was coming from. He smiled and held out his hand "Call me john" he said. His blue eyes, bronze skin, and a permanent mischievous look in his eyes signalled trouble.

"I'm Nora" she said as she took his hand. "I'm assuming you're going to the simulator?" he said, eyeing her dirty looking attire. "Yes....i am". "We'll go together then!" he said happily as he turned to go."Uh, thanks but no thanks" she said warily. She didn't trust people in general, and with her experience, this guy was trying to play her. 'Err...Okay" he said, trying to keep his voice at neutral, though Nora could tell he was angry. it was obvious that he has other things in mind than a partnership, and she was glad she declined.

As he walked through the beam doors, Nora looked at the imposing tower, sighed, and  wheeled through the door.

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