Chapter 32: The Tree

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I am not that evil. I can't leave you all that long with that. It's just mean. Buttttttt, I did have to tease you a little ;)

Anyhow, THIS IS THE CHAPTER WE HAVE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR. You know how I told you some chapters I have had written for a while/ have been burning a hole in my labtop? This is one of them. This was actually one of the first chapters I wrote.

Song of the chapter, which is very appropriate haha, "What is Love" by Haddaway.


Also there are charts at the bottom of this chapter:)

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"Shit," Evan hissed again.

He looked over to where my line of sight was set on, a man. A man with dark hair was marching out towards me furiously; waves of power, the smell, and feeling of an all alpha male rolled off of him and right over me.

I felt like I was in an ocean rocking back in forth in the tides to never be released.

He growled loudly, full of power and desire that almost knocked me over.

He was close. Around a hundred yards away. I knew I couldn't sit here, I didn't want to either.

I had no idea what to think or how to feel about the whole thing. I was confused yet the scent filled me with a desire that I hadn't felt in my entire life; it scared me. The pull towards him was strong; he was like a giant magnet and I was like a small coin on the ground; it felt like it would be impossible to break away.

Fear consumed me. I hadn't felt feelings like this since Liam and before him, Marcus; both times they only hurt me, some more than others. That and the pull was strong, it was so damn strong. I didn't like how strong it was, how much power that it already had over me; I felt weak.

I felt like I was going to crumble on the ground if the pull so willed it, and I was not having that. I needed to think. I needed to think and this man's growls were not helping, if anything they were driving my anxiety wild.

My wolf wanted me to run to him but I begged her to listen to me. I wasn't ready for this. It was too much. Too soon. To overwhelming. It was so much, it felt like it was choking me with a wave of euphoria.

She snapped at me and I snapped back harder. It's when she felt my distress, the turmoil that was swarming like mad bees in my heart, that she settled down. She wasn't happy about it, but she stepped back.

He growled again and the females in our group all jumped back a few feet. I felt a growl escape my lips. I had enough of this shit.

I ran.

I didn't even know where the hell I was going, but I ran as fast as my two legs could carry me. My wolf was pissed, to say the least, but snapped at her. I snapped at her because I was afraid, and when I realized that I was afraid, I just became more afraid.

I knew this person was supposed to be made for you, but all I could think about was how wild this pull was, how powerful it was. It made what I felt for Liam seem like a drop of water in an ocean.

I could hear him behind me. He roared loudly and was coming after me. My wolf wanted me to turn around, but at the moment I would rather pull out one of my fangs.

I tore my dress off, which only drew a loud growl from the male behind me; it made my skin shiver in a way that I liked. I tried to shake it off; I kicked off my Keds and prayed that my beast would just cooperate with me.

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