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Noella's POV

"Plain jane" is what everyone describe me as . Not those hot girls you see in high school , those with stuffed pushed up bras and pouty lips with too many layers of lip gloss on .

Im just a average girl , living her new high school life , trying to forget the dark puppy love with that one guy who i wouldnt mention .

I opened up my locker and a note fell out ,

"How are you? Do you miss me ?
-myg- "

I crushed it into a ball and threw that note away .
Im paranoid , sometimes i feel a presence behind me even though im alone , and i felt as if im stalked .

I felt as if im a little girl who is scared of monsters hiding under my bed everynight .

What does "myg" mean even ?

I gripped onto my phone tightly and it suddenly rang , making me drop the phone on the ground .

I bent down and was about to pick it up , but i saw another pair of hand .

"Are you okay ? You look very scared and flustered . Your lips are all pale ."

I heaved a sigh of relief , realising that it was only the boy who sits infront of me during math class . I gave him a weak smile and a small nod , "yeah thanks Jimin ."

"Heres your phone , by the way ." He winks and shoved his hands back into his pocket , before swinging his bag on his shoulders and walking off .

I looked at his back view ; he wasnt tall compared to other guys , but though hes flirty , hes kind and sweet at heart .

My phone vibrated once again and i swiped the screen once , answering the call .

"Beb where are you ? Im here waiting for you already !"instantly i recognized the voice , it was Sara , my best friend who i trusted the most .

I looked back onto my small lock screen , the number flashed " 4.32" and i blinked once , twice .  "Oh shit!" I cursed and ended her call right immediately , running off to the taxi stand right outside the school gate .

I bit my lips as i fiddled with my fingers nervously , waiting for the next taxi to arrive so that i could rush off to the venue .

Soon after , a black cab came and without even looking at the driver , i hopped in and screamed for the location and watched the vehicle drive off .

"Miss you look really worried , are you okay ?" The taxi driver asked curiously and i internally rolled my eyes . " im fine , uncle , can you go alittle faster ? Just alittle ?" I squeezed my eyes shut after that , rubbing my temples .

Pressing onto the side button of my phone once again , the number flashed " 4.45 " , i cursed aloud .

This time the driver 's voice changed into a lower voice ," you might wanna apologize for that ."

I shivered alittle and the air felt more still then ever but i just shrugged it off , taking it as nothing .

When the taxi pulled over , i shoved him the money and told him to just keep the change , running into the arms of Sara .
"Where have you been ? You have almost missed seeing him!"

I panted hard and tried to breathe in and out in a more stable pattern , " so is he here yet ?"

"Looks like he is ... There!" She pointed to the further right hand corner of the airport and i saw a guy who i have not seen for ages , my older brother who was studying overseas .

He runs towards us and gave me a big heart and i inhaled his scent ," oppa ! Ive missed you so much !" I shrieked and immediately felt comfortable with him .

He made me feel safe .

"So hows my little sister doing in school ?" He asks Sara who was standing awkwardly while i cling to him . She smiles at him and told him everything was fine .

I secretly thanked her for not spilling about Yoongi .

"Do you wanna grab some food ?" I asked and he nodded , i stood in the middle of the two of them and pulled them to Subway , ordering some 6 inches long bread .

However before he could even reach the store , a gunshot was heard and i looked at him , his right hand pressed onto his stomach where red patches could be seen at , i shrieked and yelled .

"He got shot ." I said to myself .

"He got shot !" My voice got louder and everyone looked towards us , attracting their attention .

Sara who was standing beside me was also shocked and scared . Everything happened so fast . Oppa held onto the nearest bar and balanced himself but failed .

He soon fell onto the ground groaning in pain .

"Someone please call for the ambulance please ! Please !" I screamed in agony , crying already .

"Oppa , hang in there ... Im getting help !"

Sara looked at me with fear in her eyes as she shakily handed me a bloody note that is found not far away .

"Always talking to boys .
Such a playgirl.
But i still love you."

Deepshit .

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