Chapter 50

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Gray eyes filled with wonderment grinned.

"Twins love?" he chuckled with mouth agape in awe at what she had added to the news.


Gathered her up in his arms immensly happy and filled with so much joy he kissed her again.

Giddily happy they laughed and wept and gave into their love. He sobbered down and tenderly kissed a trail all the way down to her stomach. Lovingly his lips flourished the spot that will soon round with his children. He lowered further down and spread her wide and tenderly devoured her until her release coiled through her. Then once more he flexed into her and loved her thoroughly like his life depended on it.

He adored and cherished her till the early morning until they lay spent and exhaustingly sated.

The morning sun found them wrapped in eachothers arms in the tangled sheets. With a yawn and caress he nuzzled his lips into her throat and groaned his Good Morning as she too stretched and cuddled with him close.

It wasn't until mid-morning when he gently pulled her out of bed and together they showered. Beneath the warm stream of water feeling complete and happy she leaned into his embrace as he pampered her gently. Soft hand with soap caressed her skin as she caressed his.

They finally stepped out of the shower and dried off. He sat on her bed and watched her dress. Gorgeous gray eye took his fill of the curves that fit him like a puzzle moments ago. Delicate soft skin that burned him and drove him made with desire. As she stood close he pulled her towards him.

Standing before him she watched before he attentively helped her with her zipper he pulled her close and placed warm kisses on her belly.

The gesture warmed her heart.

He then pulled her into his lap and playfully pecked her lips once then twice by the third it became passionate and soon she was straddling him and toppling his over the sheets where she took complete control of his lips and his sanity. He loved it.

He caressed her and enjoyed the minty freshness of her tongue and her lips completely losing himself.

The brief knock on her door pulled her away.
They did not answer. Slowly leaning up they smiled at eachother and gave her wicked grin before devouring her lips again.

The knock on the door that followed stopped them.
"We'll be right out Mimi." she called out.

"Our parents are here Tara," her voice filled with worry mumbled through the door.

Immediately Tara scrambled off of him and stood away from the bed in a panic. He leaned up and stood as well reaching for her and pulled her into his arms. She trembled nervously in his embrace as he whispered assuring words that everything would be fine.

He held her face in his palm and looked down into her perplexed gaze.
"Everything will be fine." he said.

Finally, she held his hand and exited the bedroom holding Duncan's hand. Her father stood in the middle as they slowly approached him. Before Tara could introduce Duncan she noticed her father stepping forward and sizing him up. She looked worriedly between them then at her aunt the looked at the muscular man stood before them.

The eerie silence in the room was short lived as all chaos broke out when her father reared his fist back and punched Duncan right in the face sending him stumbling back. Standing straight he shook off the punch that barely fazed him. He remained rigid to the spot with fury in check and under great control to not return the blow because there was no doubt he was stronger then her father and may hurt him.

Tara gasped and ran to Duncan's side as he rubbed the small trickle of blood from his nose.

"That you son of a bítch was for getting my baby girl pregnant," her father blurted out his voice shook with heavy emotion and his gaze filled with tears.

With that said he looked brieflybat Tara that tightened her hug on Duncan and he stormed off and left.

Overwhelmed and sad by what happened she collased in Duncans arm in a torrent of tears anguished with her father being upset. He rocked and gently and sat with her on the couch and hushed her cries.

After sometime of settle down to sniffles her aunt had prepared tea for them to settle her nerves. Her aunt meekly apologized for her brother-in-laws actions. With a nobel reaction Duncan shrugged it off admitting he would have done the same.

He understood her fathers anger with him. He had done a dishonorable thing of sleeping with Tara and not marrying her he said.

"But I plan to amend that by marrying her. Its was what I set out do long ago," he peered down into her soft gaze and held it there. "If you will have me love?" he added.

A beautiful smile formed on her lips that brightened her face as she threw her arms around him. "I will have all of you." she kissed him all over his face as he chuckled and held her tight.

She sobbered down then and held his gaze. Her eyes casting down sadly.
"The next step is getting my dad to accept," she fell into his arms as he pulled her close.

With her aunts reassuring words that she will talk to her dad, they set out to plan their day....


In no time after days had passed they finally spoke it over with her father. Along with tears and a stern glare at Duncan he made him promise to treat his little girl with respect before yanking Duncan into a bear hug. And followed his word with the threat.
Cuz if you don't I wont hesitate to kick your ass.

Soon preparations were put in place for her wedding. He wanted to marry as soon as possible to wisk her away.

When the joyous day had come all stood in awe of his beautiful bride as she walked down the isle in her father's arms.

His gaze glittered with molten silver love as he stared into her eyes admiring her beauty.

Duncan and Tara shared their vows, promising eternal love and devotion before God and their friends.

"Therefore, what God hath joined together no man put asunder." The priest had said with finality.

Everyone applauded and whistled as he lovingly pulled Tara into his arms. All the joy in the world, happiness in the universe and love in the galazy could not amount to what he felt at that moment as he lowered his lips and kissed her senseless as he laid claim to her heart, her body and soul.

His wife.

His soulmate..

His Misplaced Angel💖...

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