13: Will He Like Me?

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build up walls
not to
keep others out of it
to see who cares enough
to break them


edicated to : EraRexon

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In slight disappointment that it wasn't Ayaz and a lot more anticipation of who it must be we both were getting up from the bed when the door flew open and two surprising faces came into view.

"Saira! " "Maira" I and Naila were just able to call there names surprised at seeing them.


Does that mean their mom finally agreed for them to stay!!? Omg surprise surprise Humi !

"what a surprise! " I say finally recovering. They both just wink and pull me into a hug.

We all hug each other and settle on the bed.

"So? " I ask wanting to know how their mom agreed.

"It's... not like what you are think-king" Maira says with a sad smile.

Uh-huh not good not good...

"we just came to meet you all... We'll be leaving for our relatives house which is in Bandra (a busy city in Mumbai). And from their we'll catch a train nearest to the airport. " Saira explains.

"Oh, so today's the day to bid goodbyes " I mumble to myself.

"Yeah" Saira says nodding lightly letting me know she heard.

"Come on you had to leave some or the other day it's not like we won't be able to meet again , we will be meeting In-sha-Allah(If Allah wills). " Maira chimes in.

Way to go girl... How can someone be so optimistic? I was thinking when Naila started nudging me.

" what!? "I hissed being currently occupied by my thoughts.

" this girl na! " she said huffing, hitting my head lightly and then moved closer Maira and Saira.

"Damn guys! You won't believe but have to!!! I have a coool, very Coooooooooool and unbelievable news for ya'all " Naila says smirking at me.

Remind me why I decided to share with her?

I blush thinking about Ayaz... She's definitely gonna be talking about it...

"Humi? Care to say about whom are you thinking right now?, is it thaaat boy? " she teases smirking.

"Who boy? "

" which boy? "

"how does he look?"

"Is he handsome? "

"what is the color of his eyes?

" Does he have six packs!! "

Does he look like my Harry?!

Oh... Is he tall? " Saira and Maira downpour me with questions whilst shaking me like I had no bones and just muscles.

"Say na , say something" Maira whines.

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