Jaime Lannister - Thinking Out Loud

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 "So, honey, now

Take me into your loving arms

Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars

Place your head on my beating heart "

To all he was ruthless and downright womanizer, never sparing a glance to the people he thought weren't worthy of him. The kingslayer was simply the most hated man in King's Landing along with his sister Cersei and his father Tywin.

It's been months since he came back from being captive and though others didn't want to admit -at least not out loud- he has changed. The arrogant smirk he wore most of the time was replaced with a few ghosts of a smile.

Jaime Lannister was a new man. You had yet to figure out if he changed for better or worse.

You watched from distance as Jaime attempted to battle Bronn in the clearing overlooking the sea. There were rumors going around the city and you wanted to see how much truth there was in those tales.

Jaime was on the floor with Bronn pointing his sharp sword to his throat. That's when you realized the stories going around were true. Ser Jaime Lannister has lost his ability to fight in combat.

Bronn removed his sword and pulled him back to his feet, both going back into fighting stance opposite one another. Without making any noise you go up and left the private area before any of them caught sight of you standing there.

"I'm telling you Petyr." You hushed as he followed the whoremonger around his brothel.

He nodded as he passed a few familiar figures. You pulled the hood over your face in an attempt to cover your identity. You've been working for Baelish ever since you were orphaned;and for that you had to thank the almighty Lannisters.

You father was a simple man who adored working as knight's right hand. One day he saw things and heard things which had cost him his life. Afterwards you vowed to avenge him and learning this news about Jaime made you excited.

"Y/A, this information is useless. He might be bad at sword fighting now but later he will improve and this information will be useless." He said with venom even though the smile didn't flatten not even by an inch.

"If we reach now, we might have a chance."

"Stop it." Petyr hissed at you before ushering you outside, he couldn't afford for someone to recognize you.

Leaving the brothel you make your way towards the castle where you spent your time after your only family member left, was murder coldly. Greeting a few people as you pass you didn't notice the figure nervously pacing through the hallway. That is until he bumped into you and his walk cut short.

A red flush slowly creeped up your neck covering your face as you tumbled to the ground, sprawled down on the floor. You were ready to throw insults at whoever was walking so carelessly around the halls but you came to a halt when you saw Jaime's apologetic face.

"I'm sorry lady Y/A" He offered his hand for support.

Taking your small hand into his, the warmth suddenly erupted through your body. Embarrassed by the sudden feeling you yank it out of his grasp.

"It's alright Ser Jaime. I wasn't paying attention to being with."

He smiled. "I've never got to say how sorry I am for your loss."

Your eyes jerked upwards and caught his gaze. Your father was murdered during his disappearance so you never expected to get his condolences. The other members of his family haven't even give you a second glance, let alone said how sorry they were.

"Thank you." You whispered, vision blurry from the tears threatening to spill.

Father was all you had left in this world.

Much to both of your surprises he took ahold of your small hands and his thumb ran in circles to calm down. You didn't even notice your breathing had sped up. It was only a month since he was gone yet you found it difficult to talk about it.

"He was an honorable man and a great sword fighter. He loved to talk about you and how much you enjoyed to walk through the gardens and sing." Jaime said as his gaze still firmly placed on you,he was afraid you would break into pieces if he averted it.

You nodded and sent him a small thankful smile. "He blabbered too much about me."

Jaime let out a laugh and nodded in agreement, but he understood. You were his only daughter, his ray of sunshine as he would called you.

"Would you like to walk through the gardens and maybe let me hear one of those famous songs?"

There was a part of you that had welcomed the idea with opened arms after all you yearned to walk through the garden again. The other side of you found it amusing because there was your chance to disarm him and take away his life.

"I would love to." As you linked your arm around him, the demons silenced down.

After days of crying and sulking in your room, you found yourself smiling and singing songs . Jaime listened to your angelic voice and took in your beautiful face. The love might not have been mutual in the beginning but once you spent more days together you found yourself slowly falling in love. 

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