hospitalized at home and over protective brothers/boyfriend

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As sakura tried so hard to get sasuke attention and destract the raven.

Naruto left for the bathroom during lunch but once he entered he saw someone they had there backs turned.

The blond decided to just act like he barely noticed and went to one of the stalls until he was stopped as someone placed a bag over the kitsune's head chocking him in the process before he was brought to the groud.

With sasuke and sakura

Sasuke kept pushing sakura off of him but as hours of pushing the clingy girl off of him sasuke got worried about naruto and got up to go check on him.

As the raven got up he finally got sakura off of him and went to find naruto  soon the very first place was the bathrooms cause they were closer anyway but he wasn't so sure naruto could be any were.

So as sasuke was close to the boys bathroom he heard laughing and wimpering wondering what it was sasuke walked in as 5 boys turned to look at sasuke and they smiled "oh hey sasuke" one of them said "don't hi me like we're friends cause were not anyway who's behind you 5" sasuke says as they wimpering continued until one of them stumped something causing the sound to stop, "nothing sasuke hehe" one of them says as sasuke walked closer.

Boy 1 gulped as he knew what sasuke can be capable of but did what he could to stop the uchiha "wait sasuke how's your brother doing" boy 1 says smiling and sasuke just glared at him "that's none of your darn buisness" sasuke growled as he pushed the five boys as side as he saw someone tired up he didn't know who it was but they were wimpering, he looked at the 5 who were slowly away but that's when menma stepped in the bathroom he was ticked "who's hurting my brother" he says as he saw sasuke kneeling down in front of the person. Who was wimpering and trying stay still.

But once the bag was off sasuke eyes turned red as the lights started to blow out as each one exploded cause the 5 to scream.

Soon after hours later of screaming menma wasn't in there long he ran for it literally he sanded outside the front door of the boys bathroom as he bit his wrist causing it to bleed.

Sasuke on the other hand was still tormenting to 5 boys who were screaming like Girls literally though all they could see was sasuke red eyes until the uchiha stopped as he was hugged from behind as sasuke staid still and began calming down once he felt like someone was biting into his neck as he calmed down soon the person stopped and hit the floor well almost as sasuke caught them just in time the lights turned on finally as he saw naruto in his arms.

"N-naruto" sasuke says sadly as he looked at the 5 who were nocked out sasuke also found out he had little chakara left so sasuke was left in trouble as menma walked on as he saw sasuke with naruto in his arms "sasuke wha......"

"This isn't the time right now menma go get me a cloak and also naruto one and plus get Tsunade and kakahsi sensai" sasuke says as menma nodded and ran out the bathroom sasukie entered "get thoughs 5 boys in the nurses office" sasuke says whole still holding naruto close to sasukie nodded as he picked up the boys and walked out as if there weren't heavy but once he got there he instently hit the floor as he as asking for help he didn't have enough energy for this at least he still had enough chakara to hid his animal parts.

Soon the nurse helped sasukie and we'll yup he was talked about.

Menma did what he was told and gave sasuke a cloak and put one on his brother and kakashi walked in "what happened" kakashi says worried "naruto was beaten up" sasuke says looking up at his teacher soon tsunade just walked in like she didn't care and loomed over naruto "this is bad were gonna need to take him to the hospital" she says as the 3 nodded.

Soon months past and sasuke and Menma got over protective of naruto who was in a coma and still hasn't woke up the two started taking turns on who was gonna watch over him while the other left to use the bathroom, or go to school.

They even did naruto homework for the blond fox menma had been ignoring sasukie for his brother though at times he did spend time  with sasukie when he had the chance.

Soon one night naruto started moving around and wincing as sasuke turned the lights on and looked at naruto who was shaking the uchiha just hugged the blond softly as singed him a softly lallyuby which always worked sending the blond back to sleep happily.

Soon 123 months came around

December 15th morning

Sasuke woke up in his bed as he felt someone cuddling him as he looked down he was met with a pair of sky blue eyes as he was surprised "morning sasuke" naruto sasuke "naru" sasuke says getting up as he looked at the blond who was lookin right back at him "I missed you so much" sasuke says  as he hugged naruto who started crying "sorry you ok" sasuke says but naruto just continued to cry in the uchiha shirt and snuggled up to sasuke who hugged back after awhile sasuke got out of bed and looked at the blond "wanna go to school or stay home" sasuke says  looking at naruto "I wanna go with you" naruto says pointed at sasuke like he was a little kid.

Sasuke smiled and kissed naruto's nose and got him phone and called itachi "hand on naruto I'll call my brother to get you a wheel chair ok naru" sasuke says and smiled happily.


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