A new home?

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Tara's POV

I got in Justin's car with his mother and him and he put me a car seat. I sat there in silince in till they asked me questions.

J: "So Tara are you happy to finally be out of there?"

T: "Yes! Thank you!"

J: "Hahaha"

J: "Are you hungyer?"

T: "YES!"

J: "Want Mc Donaldes?"

T: "Huh?"

J: "Oh my god! I need to get this kid Micky D's!" 

We pulled up to Micky D's and Justin helped me out of my car seat then Pattie and I walked over and took a seat. Justin got us food and they both started to eat but not me.

J: "Tara are you not hungery?"

T: "Ummmm..."

J:"What is is it?"

T: "I need my pill to eat it."

J: "Your what?"

T: "PILL!"

J: "Why?"

T: "I can't eat unless I have it."

J: "Are you sure?"

T: "The doctor says me to skiny and my bones not suppose to show."

J: "Oh okay"

He then grabed everything and took my hand and we went to the car. 

T:"Mr. Bieber where are we going?"

J: "Mr. Bieber? haha and to get that pill!"

T: "Oh!"

J: "Haha yeah, you need to eat. "

T: "It cost a lot of money."

J: "Listen baby girl, I'm going to take care of you from now and on. I'm going to protect you and make sure your safe and healthy at all times, I don't care what the cost is, as long as your here with me, okay?"

T: "Okay"

I then hugged him and he hugged back. 

We got to the CVS and Justin got my pill. We then walked out of CVS and walked to the car, Justin then bukled me back up. 

As soon as we got home Justin set the food down on the counter and opened the baggy with my pill's in them. He then took one out and placed it on the counter and was about to cut it up I think.

T: "What are you doing?"

J: "Uh about to cut the pill for you."

T: "Oh no you don't need to do that!"

J: "You can swallow it?"

T: "YES!"

J: "Okay then but be careful."

He then handed me the pill and gave me a little cup with water.

T: "You need to help, you need to give me the water."

J: "Okay."

I then put the pill in my mouth and Justin put the water bottle up to my lips and I put it in my mouth and drank half of it.

J: "Good job!"

T: "Now I can eat?"

Justin then placed the food infrount of me. I just stared at the food.

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