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You sat hopelessly in the room that had broken your spirit, it was as if the moment you stepped in, a large vacuum had taken and discarded the remains of your essence, never to be seen again.
Your hands were bound behind the chair you sat on, while your legs moved freely. You stared down at your blackened toe nails and let out a quiet sob.

"I'm going to die in here." You whispered as a tear ran down your cheek, and another, and another, and another.

All that was heard was the muffled sobs coming from your throat and the heavy pitter patter of rain landing on the roof of this hellish room.

You stiffened as you heard the loud, disruptive opening of the door, followed the by the voice of the devil himself.

"Are you ready for another round Y/N?" He chuckled evilly and you could tell he was smirking under his Jason mask.

You stayed silent and continued looking down to your feet, not daring to speak, you were too terrified.

You dug your nails into the palm of your hand as he circled around you, getting a bit too close for your liking.

"I have to admit, you've been fun to play with, I didn't think you'd last this long, plus this extra ability of yours has made this experience much more enjoyable."
You squirmed slightly as he grabbed your face, making you look at him.

"Let's see if I can break you." He smirked, you stared straight into his eyes and all you could see was evil, he let go of your face and you let out a shaky breath as he stormed over to his tools.

He lifted up his mask and with a menacing smile strode over to you with an appliance in his hand.

"N-Nononono please no- AGHHH!" You screamed as one by one Jason cut off your toes. You felt tears fall down your cheeks as if your eyes were waterfalls and the rain seemed to get heavier and heavier with every toe he cut off.

He smiled to the ceiling and then back at you. "That's it Y/N, make it rain, make it pour!"

"P-Please st-stop- AHH!" You cried but Jason ignored your request and carried on torturing you, he suddenly stopped as a clap of thunder passed through the sky, surprising him.

"What's this, a hint of anger?" He chuckled and made his way back to his equipment table.

"...568.. 561..." You mumbled and winced slightly as your throat burned from screaming so much.

"I wonder what I could do to make a lightning bolt appear?" He smirked, and your E/C eyes widened as he held up a centipede in one hand.

"I-I'm begging you p-please don't, n-NOOO!" You screeched as the centipede was placed in your ear, you moved your head in different directions trying to get it out as excruciating pain shot through your ears and head.

Anger bubbled up inside you as you heard the disgusting laughs of the man who was putting you through all of this pain and your emotions got the better of you.

The room was silenced by a clap of thunder followed by a flash of lightning.
He got what he wanted.

• • •

You bolted upright from your bed panting like crazy, it was another dream. You quickly threw of your covers checking your toes and fingers to see if they were still there, you sighed as you saw your charcoal- like nails and placed your head in your hands.

It's as if your body was mocking you, reminding you of the trauma you had been through, and telling you that it was never a dream, it was always your reality.

• • •

so, that was the prologue ayy, chapter 1 should be up soon, however school is starting next week so updates will be slow :( it's my last year of secondary school and I'm going to die.
hope you have a great day :)

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