Chapter 03

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The crowd, especially the members of the Red Moon Pack are extremely cautious but not shocked at all, I wonder why they weren't surprised.

Feeling the tension, it was thick and it's making me hard to breathe. I grabbed Stephen's arms and I felt him snake his arms on my waist for support. That earned another growl from Greyson. I kept my head down, afraid to meet his gaze and blue ocean orbs.

I like calling him Greyson, or maybe even Grey? I was out of my self,  Snap out of it Celestine! I mentally face palmed myself.

" have a sister?" His voice is soothing and I find myself admiring him, Stephen didn't answer and he tapped me a little. I think that question was meant for me.

I shook my head 'no'.

"A twin?" I shook 'no' again.

He huffed out in frustration and I thanked Moon Goddess when I felt the Luna's hand on my shoulder.

"Thankyou for coming Alpha Greyson, as promised, let your pack rest first and then we will discuss our terms tomorrow morning." This was a ray of sunshine for me.  I thank Alpha Carter for that.

"I think my mate is around here, somewhere." I stiffened along with the Red Moon Pack, I mean it's pure silence now and we could hear crickets. I can say It's awkward.

Alpha Carter seems to take notice of this and took care of the situation immediately.

"Well then, feel free to search for your mate, Alpha Greyson."

"What? No!" I thought to myself.

"You hid your scent, you even masked it up with Stephen's scent! Now he can't find us!" My wolf scolded me, sorry Adriana, I felt the need to. I don't know.

After our little tension, everyone was dismissed and I went to get Ciel, we went to his room and I tucked him in, he had fallen asleep after I finished showering.

"Where do you think you're going Celestine?" Steff had her hands on her hips with one eyebrows arched high. Her hair is still wet, I guess she also took a shower.

"I'm off?" I answered.

"Are you crazy? After that 'Stephen is my mate' thing you'll be leaving? It will arise suspicion from your mate!" She crossed her arms and sighed

"Oh shit. Right I forgot about that. Wait how did you know about that?" I massaged my temples in frustration.

"Mind link! Come one lets have a party at Stephen's room!"

Steff eventually dragged me and went to Stephen's room.

Drinks and foods are placed on Stephen's bed like there was a feast. Wow, they're so ready.

"Let's celebrate! Congratulations! You've found your mate! Which you've ran away from, also" Stephen held a glass while doing some crazy dance, a bandage still in his foot.

We sat down on his bed and enjoyed the rest of the night.

"You can't hide from him, forever, you know." Steff muttered before eating her pink donut.

"I know, I just panicked? I mean he's Alpha Greyson of Crescent Moon Pack, The Crescent Moon itself. " I huffed as I took another strawberry.

"He's your mate, he won't hurt you."  She said, encouraging me.

"True." Stephen supported the statement.

"See? He's our mate Celestine. He wouldn't hurt us!" Adriana whispered to me.

"I'll try okay? I do want to see him, in fact I'm dying to see him, I'm just...I was kind of scared." I admitted, they just nodded their heads, knowing I don't get scared or panic easily.

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