Chapter 02

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Steffany and I parted ways as soon as we reached the base floor.

Somehow, I ended up in the kitchen and got myself knives, I felt awfully comfortable with knives. A wolf came inside the pack house and growled at me furiously.

"Calm down, brown fur and red eyes don't look really cute you know?" I snickered and eventually laughed at my own remarks.

The wolf growled again then attacked me, I took a step to avoid him so he ended up colliding with the wall, he winced in pain as I stabbed him with a knife and went to choke him using my bare human hands.

I snapped his head.

Water. I could easily pull off the fire, and now I'm thinking where I could get water and where I could place myself without being seen.  Except Alpha Carter, Luna Amanda, Steff, Stephen and Cielo, nobody else knew about it and it should stay like that.

I went up again, but this time I went to the roof, I focused my senses and brought the water from the lake nearby up it took a lot of effort to concentrate because of the bloody  war going on below but I've somehow managed to scatter it all over the pack house and the half of the forest.

Snapping both of my hands, the water fell down causing the fire to stop, the growling stopped for a moment and then resumed after.

I was like a wet puppy so I removed the water from my clothes then slid down and jumped at the back of the house to find four rouges ganging up on Enzo, normally he would have killed them easily but he is hesitating not to mention that he's full of cuts and bruises.

"Don't hurt him! Enzo!" A woman cried out, I saw a woman with a child held back by two more rouges, I felt fire rose inside me. I was never the one you could easily anger but this one made the cut.

Not wasting any second,  I slipped behind the two unwelcomed rouges and stabbed one of them in the throat and snapped the other's neck, Enzo looked taken aback but he smiled in gratefulness before he willingly beat up the coward rouges. Atta boy!

I ran to the front yard, not shifting at all, I could fight  well in human form being a rouge for 5 years has it's perks.

The Alpha and Luna was leading the pack as they stood on their feet side by side, they were powerful and intimidating. They were backed up by the rest of the pack, and of course the movements of the Crescent Moon's soldier did not miss my eyes. Every steps and actions were firm and shouts danger. They are feared for a reason.

I fought few... Okay a lot of rouge, I could see few alive being dragged by wolves, probably going to the dungeon.

I heard a whine behind and immediately turned to see a familiar wolf with a broken foot, and bloody fur.

"Stephen!" I panicked after recognizing the wolf. He looked at me and whined a little more when he tried to walk. Usually he would be firm and will show no emotion at all. He's like that because I'm here. This boy. Really.

I was about to walk to him when a really attractive scent caught my attention, the scent was like... Cinnamon and Vanilla?  it's refreshing yet masculine.

"Mate. Mate. Mate." Adriana chanted in my head.

What? Can I laugh? I never expected to meet my mate under such circumstances.

I heard a growl from somewhere and I became more observant, I immediately saw where it came from.

My heart beat rose up, too fast for me to keep up with. He's a tall man, with muscular build, his tanned skin glimmering under the moon, I couldn't see his face and I'm dying to, but I'm... Scared?

Its hard to actually get my scent since I've masked up earlier, probably wearing off by now and I'm covered in different bloods, I could sense high power from him, so I masked my scent again praying that he wouldn't find me, he sniffs and he lets out another growl. That made everyone around him snap their heads and stop whatever they are doing.

When Stephen went to say 'shit' as a chant, I turned to him,  he had shift into human, he got clothes from who knows where, I lowered my self and asked who the man who smelt like cinnamon and vanilla is and he gaped at me looking extremely shocked.

"You don't know?" He blinked once, twice and thrice.

I rolled my eyes at him and took all I had to force myself not to smack his head. "I wouldn't ask if I knew."

He then cleared his throat and scratched the back of his neck.

"That person is Alpha Greyson of Crescent Moon Pack."

"Oh....what? " It took a moment to process into my mind. "NO WAY!" I mean that ruthless, heartless, emotionless and everything less of a person is my mate?

This is the first time I have seen this man, I just heard tales and rumors about him.

"He's our mate, Celestine." I could feel Adriana feeling really happy and she's practically wolf dancing inside my head.

Looking at him again, he's letting his eyes wander around. He had Ocean eyes. I was lost for a moment.

He is now walking towards us, Then I realized. Aw shit just got real.

"Stephen I need you to do me a favor." I whispered to him, he looked at me confused but nodded anyway.

"What is it?" He moved his head towards me.

I masked my scent again and hugged Stephen, getting his scent into me until I had the same scent as him, he of course was taken aback.

What? Stephen is my little bro!

"Stephen, I want you to act as if I'm your mate. Okay? I'll explain later."

After seeing me panic, which is very rare, he gave up his question and said "You better explain it well, Celestine." He narrowed his eyes at me and I forced myself not to laugh.

Then I started my act as a very worried mate,with fake tears and shaky voice, even the pack would believe I was really Stephen's mate.

I hugged him and he hugged me back, burying his face on my hair.

Oh wow.

A growl interrupted us and I'm fully aware that Alpha Greyson, my mate is now in front of us, Stephen snapped his head to him.

"Pizza." I murmured in Stephen's ears, he stiffened and looked at me as if I've grown crazy.

I mentally rolled my eyes and gave him the "It's 'that' pizza." look.

He then looked at me in the eye as if asking for confirmation, I nodded.

Pizza has always been Steff, Stephen and my code name for mate. Weird I know, but who knew pizza would save me. I love pizzas.

"Alpha Greyson." He acknowledge him as I lowered my eyes, pretending to be a regular she-wolf who have just found her mate.

"Stephen. Is she...your.." His voice sent shivers to my spine it was low and almost made me run to him, it also was full of authority.

"Mate." Stephen ended up Greyson's  sentence.

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