Chapter 01

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I climbed into a tree and sat down on a branch, swaying my feet back and forth, enjoying the scenery of the forest.

Lifting up one of my hands, I made some movements as I played with the water on the lake, bringing it up and twirling it around. This is a gift from the moon goddess. I can control water, but I should practice more.

I caught a scent of berries and saw a little boy skipping joyfully towards me. My eyebrows furrowed, My brother.

"What are you doing here in the woods again?" I frowned at him.

"I missed you Celestine."he lowered his big brown eyes, his brown hair shinning under the sun, afraid that I might scold him, I immediately felt guilty.

He looks like Mom, same brown eyes and hair, tanned skin while I on the other hand, got my looks from my Dad except for the eyes, I have gray eye on the right and blue eye on the left plus my very black hair and pale skin. I was different.

"Cielo, I'm not angry okay? But don't just wander around the woods alone, I missed you too." I explained as I jumped down and kneeled to match his height and gave him a little hug which he returned immediately.

"I'm sorry, but you're also alone in the woods."  He looks up and tilted his head a little.

"Honey, it's because I don't have a pack." He squeezed my hand and said "You can join us!" With a bright smile.

(A/N don't get confused please, about why her brother asked her to join "their" pack, you'll know later.)

I sighed and held his hands as I walk him off to his pack.

I'm a rouge, I've been a rouge for 5 years, after Cielo and my old pack, suffered from attack, my parents 'died' and I trusted Cielo, My brother, into the care of Red Moon pack which is like our second family, The Alphas and Lunas of both pack are close to each other. I ended up being a rouge by choice.

"Hi Enzo!" I was brought back to reality when I heard Ciel's sweet voice chirped, Enzo is probably the one on patrol.

"Cielo!" He looked towards Cielo's happy face then to my frowning one.

"I saw him in the woods, could you tell Alpha Carter to let me come into the territory?" I spoke calm to him.

"Ms. Celestine, you can always come into the pack, even without asking, you know." He said in a whisper, intimidated by me. I can't blame him, Alpha blood runs inside me.

"Even so, tell him, you wouldn't want other packs thinking that you're involved with a rouge right?" I said sounding very rational, My family might be close with this pack, but I'm a rouge now, I want to be careful.

I see him space off a little then smiled at me.

"Request granted." He motioned us to follow him.

Cielo and I walked hand in hand, following Enzo, as we exited the forest, there I saw familiar faces and a second later I was engulfed into hugs.

"Celestine! Are you finally joining the pack?" Someone asked somewhere in the crowd.

Everyone was silent for a while, their eyes shinning with hope, but when I sighed and shook my head 'no' their shoulders fell.

"Come on everyone, let her pass, the Alpha and Luna is expecting her." Enzo chirped trying to lift up the mood, which is effective by the way.

"Yes! Let her talk to the Alpha!"
"They might convince her!"

And a lot more cheer from the crowd, I let out a laugh as I walked to the pack house. I've always been close with them.

Enzo left us at the door of Alpha Carter's office. I was about to knock when Cielo opened it up and rushed inside resulting my hand hanging on mid air. I rolled my eyes but couldn't fight the smile crawling on my face.

"Dad!" He said as he extended his arms up for a hug, Alpha Carter chuckled and hugged him, ruffling his hair a little.

I wanted Cielo to experience a complete family. A Father and Mother by his side. I was never wrong to bring him here. He looks so happy.

Alpha Carter was about to say something when I heard a woman cry behind me.

"Celestine! Honey! How have you been? Have you found your mate? Have you eaten? Are yo-" before she could even ask thousands of question, I went and hugged her, she's like a second Mother to me.

"Luna, Calm down. I'm alright" I laugh as I see her try to stop her tears but she gave up anyway and cried.

"Amanda" Alpha Carter walks towards us with Cielo on his arms and kissed Luna's forehead, it's seems to calm her down.

I watched them in awe, I believe that mates are the most wonderful gift one werewolf can recieve, unfortunately I haven't found mine, yet. I do believe I will.

After calming the Luna we all went and sat down, The Alpha on his chair with Cielo, Luna and I are on the sofa.

"How have you been?" The Luna asked me as she holds my hand squeezing it a bit.

"I'm alright, Luna" I said with a reassuring smile.

"Call me Mom!" She narrowed her eyes playfully and laughed.

I spent a little time chit chatting with them, Steffany and Stephen, Luna and Alpha's real children joined us and I realized that I've missed them so much. They never force me to join the pack, they knew my reason

The night kicked in fast and I was getting ready to leave when someone tugged my shirt, I looked down and saw Cielo.

Cielo doesn't even know that we are siblings, yet he is very attached to me, and very loving too.  I do love to have him around, but I wouldn't risk his safety.

"Can you sleep here?" He asked me, I guess he's getting ready to sleep now, his blue pajamas are extremely adorable on him by the way.

"Nope. But I can read you a book, how does that sound?" He looked up and smiled as he nodded his head I let out a giggle and picked him up.

We went to his room and I tucked him in as I started reading a random book.

"And then, a loud boo-" I was cut off by the sound of Siren.

"Celestine! Red moon pack is under attack!" I hear Adriana my wolf alert me.

Me and my wolf is now on full alert, I lifted Cielo and went to open the closet, I pressed a hidden button, the wall opened up and I placed Cielo behind it.

"Hey Cielo. I have a favor, Don't make a sound and don't go out okay? Whatever happens. I'll keep you safe and I'll be back soon." I can see fear in his eyes and tears slipping out as he nodded. It broke my heart to see him like this.

I kissed his forehead and hugged him tight before closing the wall and the closet door. I masked up his scent with water. I've learned to do this so I could survive easily in the wild.

Sprinting out of the room I was welcomed by smoke and orange red light. Fire?

"Celestine! Where is Cielo?" I snapped my head to Steffany who is covered now in mud and blood. Her brown hair in a messy pony tail.

"He's safe, behind the walls, I masked him up. What's the situation? Is it the Rouges?" She looked panicked but calms down when she heard he was safe.

"Yes, and Crescent Moon is here, to help us." She said as she tightened her fist into balls. I guess this is no ordinary attack.

This is why rouges have bad reputation, and Crescent Moon?

That pack? What ever could be the price of their help?

I don't want to know.

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