Chapter 1

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Previously on OSIF...

Camila POV

She won't answer my calls or text. I will never know now.


Lauren POV

"Alright thank you so much for coming" I said with a sad smile knowing I won't see my parents for a while now.

"Call us or text us as much as can" My dad said and gave me a hug.

"Behave, I love you" I saw tears appear on my mom's eyes.

"Love you too, see you at thanksgiving ok?"

We said our last goodbyes. I walked on campus towards my dorm.

I took a detour to admire the wonderful view. Finally a new beginning I felt the wind blow.

No Camila no drama a fresh new start here at my new school. College.

University California of Santa Barbra.


Camila POV

It's been almost a year since then. A whole year since Lauren ripped my heart out. She just up and left without really much of an explanation. At first I did everything in my power to figure out where she was, or just know she is okay, live and well. But nothing. All her closest friends graduated with her and according to Lauren's parents she made them swear to never give information about the school she attends or how she really is. Every response I get was a simple "She's fine, maybe it's for the best, Camila you should focus on yourself".

So sure, maybe now it seems like I gave up because I haven't spoken to anyone about Lauren anymore, not even my closest friend. I try not to think about her, or the situation anymore. This year I promised it would be a fresh start, without Lauren drama and focusing on getting to any school I want. If she wants to go to a university to get away and probably get drunk and fuck beautiful people, then so will I.


"Boo" I smile and Dinah pathetic attempt to scare me, if that's even what you want to call it. "Awe Mila come on"

"Haha that was so bad" I laughed. "On another note, so I can see dreamy eyes over there still can't stop staring at you"

"Ugh I know and I'm waiting for him to ask me but every time we talk it's just about school games and blah blah blah" she says as I just smile and shake my head.

"I see you flirting with the hottest people in school"

"So it's just for fun, nothing serious. You know that"

"Any of them want to make you their date to prom yet?.. oh wait, everyone does and you just say no, to EVERYONE"

Right before I can answer, Emily sat next to Dinah and across from me "Hey Dinah, Hi Camila" she smiled so cute and shy. I smile with a smile "Hey" back. "So Camila, do you have a date to prom yet, because if you didn't, I think it would be really nice if we went together" she handed me a rose with the cheesiest smile.

"Emily, you're very pretty and I'm flattered but I don't even think I'm going. But thank you for the invite" I try handing the rose back to her.

"No no, keep it, and if you decide to change your mind, It's an open invitation" she smiled and walked away.

I smile and the rose but quickly stop. Roses remind me so much of Lauren it hurts, how can a flower that is so beautiful and filled with passion bring me so much hurtful memories. But I can't think about this, not right now. I look over at Dinah who has much annoyance on her face.

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