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Annabeth's screaming made my heart pound and my ears ring, while Percy tried to calm her down from the flashback and the rest of us tried to find the spider that started it, 

"Shh, it's alright Annabeth, we're all together and safe it's over," Percy muttered gently hugging Annabeth while Mr Weasley swerved trying to find a place to park, 

"Yeah, even Leo and Calypso are here, Wake Up!" I yelled looking under Ron's seat trying to find the child of Arcane, 

"Yeah, remember. Together," Calypso said climbing over Ginny's seat, 

"Together!" We all called out as Piper and Jason squished the daddy long legs with Franks shoe, how did they get Franks shoe? As that thought crossed my mind as Mr Wesley finally parked; Annabeths shrieks finally subsided.

"What the heck was that!" George said to the now silence.  

"Umm..." All of us look at each other then back to the Weasley's, Reyna brakes the ice, 

"Well as I'm guessing you know, Annabeth and Percy survived a place we call Tartarus," Harry nodded, pushing his glasses further up his nose. 

"Well, sometimes something will remind them of it and well... This happens," Hazel finished with a flick of her hand. 

"Okayyyy... well let's get home, you all must be tired," Mrs Weasley stated uneasily as Mr Weasley started the car with shaking hands.


I must have fallen asleep because I opened my eyes to someone gently shaking me, I looked up to see Reyna looking down at me. 

"Sorry for waking you but we're kinda here," She whispered that's when I realized that Frank was undoing Hazel's seat belt and lifting her out of the car while she slept.

"Come on, I carried your luggage," She smiled, while I felt my cheeks turn red and muttered. 

"Thanks," we walked along a dirt path and into the house, it was large, on the inside, and cosy with a fire place in the lounge, which Piper was trying to stop Leo from jumping into. Key word. Trying.

"Calypso stop!" Annabeth and Will complained when our 'maid' was cleaning the shelves and trying to get Mrs Weasley to let her cook. 

"Well, I guess this is our first chance at being 'normal'," I muttered looking for my brother, while Reyna answered some of Hermione's many questions. 

"Nico!" Jason came running down the stairs after a crying Nico, I stopped the upset boy halfway to the door. I placed my hands on his shoulders.

"Nico, what happened?" I asked as he glared at me, he was holding something and when I looked down I saw a now shattered photo of him, his mother and Bianca. (spelling?) 

"Jason did you..." I looked up at him while he slowly shook his head and pointed towards Ron who was standing behind him with a sorrowful expression. 

"How... Why even! Why did you brake That!" I yelled as Nico began to silently cry again, Hazel woke up and ran to her brother's side hugging him,

"It was an accident, it's just a photo," Ron muttered looking at his feet, Annabeth stood as the room filled with silence. 

"That's the only thing any of us has left of princess Bianca and Queen Maria! They're dead! As in they can't come back!" Annabeth had tears in her eyes as she most likely remembered the girl she fell off a cliff for, by now Piper and Will were also hugging Nico. 

"Guys don't yell, he didn't know," Leo said slowly earning a few glares that eased when he handed Nico a Photo frame and some tape to fix the now ripped photo, I wonder if there's a spell to fix that.

After Nico fixed the photo and A LOT of apologies from Ron and Mrs Weasley. Calypso called for dinner, we decided on the plane that Percy, Jason, Hazel, Nico and I would sit down and then give the others 'permission' to sit because Annabeth said it was a good idea. The five of us sat down while the others stood looking patently at us, 

"Just sit down! We're not your parents," Nico said, the others acted unsure as they sat down. I feel like a brat telling my friends whether or not they can sit down.
"Do you always do that?" Harry asked looking at us like we were Crazy, we are deal with it. 

"Our fathers believe it's polite but personally we find it annoying," I said while Percy nodded in agreement. 

"Father's?" Mr Weasley asked we all looked at each other, Annabeth voting to come up with something. 

"Well you see, our kingdom was split into three, Zeus realm is where Thalia and Jason were born. Poseidon's realm is where Percy was born and Hades realm is where Nico and Hazel were born. I was born in the kingdom of Athena, Piper was born in the kingdom of Aphrodite, Frank in the kingdom of Mars, Leo in the kingdom of Hephaestus, Reyna was born in the kingdom of Bellona and Will in the kingdom of Apollo." Hazel smiled in relief when Hermione nodded in understanding, the Wesley's began to eat and we honestly just sat there awkwardly not wanting to annoy the gods by eating and not offering to them some of our meal. 

"May we use your fire Place?" Reyna asked turning towards George who gave us a strange look but nodded anyway.

We grabbed our plates and walked into the lounge. Hazel muttered a spell Hecate had taught her and the fire place glowed blue before fading back to its original colour. We lined up and prayed to our parents and the gods who we worked beside in the war.
"To my father, thanks for not killing us when we flew here and to lady Artemis for allowing me to come here," I placed the best portion of my meal into the flames and waited for Reyna who was last, the Wesley's gave us strange looks when we walked back into the dining room,
You don't know half of it.
I gave them a smile and sat down with the others who were silently eating, with proper manners. Well, we're better actors than I thought. While the Weasley's spoke and laughed we ate in silence only needing each other's presence to feel like a family.

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