|Chapter 7|

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Mark paced and paced until his holoscreen, a holographic computer, turned on receiving a transmission from an unknown and blocked source. He grit his teeth, no regular regular (how redundant) could get his information so he sighed bitting accept as the pixilated hologram of the two boys appeared. Despite the image bring blurred and pixilated the audio was still crisp and clear.

"Hello Mark, we've got your little lover on our side now. Not to hard to do when you have family." Adrian's voice came through, though of course the voice was unfamiliar to Mark.
"I killed all his family, he's the only one from his town we left alive." Mark said bluntly. The other voice, Alex's, laughed simply.
"It isn't hard to create holograms." Alex mused and Mark felt himself snap standing up and walking straight up to the transmission.

"You listen here you insolent, stupid, useless insects. If you mess with Jack's mind I won't hesitate to snap your neck as well as the neck of everyone you ever loved or said hi to. Now, I'll ask nicely once. Give me back Jack." Mark said hate and anger seething through his words. The two resistance members looked to each other before grinning.
"You can't find us, you don't know us. Your threat is invalid Mark. You know soon, we'll make Jack have a good old bond with Malcolm before showing him it was all a big lie orchestrated by you." Adrian said.

Mark twitched, his veins turning a dark black and his eyes glowing purely red even the sclera was red now and his pupil was no where to be found.
"You've really pissed me off now." He growled voice lower then before as he walked through the holoscreen glitching his way inside of their system. He turned all the power off getting the two to gasp and cling to each other as they looked around in fear ready to back away. Mark's face got onto every screen as he grinned.
"My dear haters, you seem to having something of mine~" he said in a sing song yet maniacal tone. "I want it back, bring Jack to the main room in three minutes or I'll be sure you regret it. We should all know by now, I hate it when people mess with my things~" he spoke and immediately people ran to Jack's room forcing him up and along to the main room. They were about to force him on his knees but Mark cleared his throat.

"Hurt him and I'll skewer each one of you individually seventy four times in the left eyes." Mark threatened and reluctantly the workers released Jack and backed away quaking in fear. Mark felt his energy running low as he appeared before them everyone backing away more startled.

"You're a handful." Mark said with a small toothy grin looking to Jack.
"Sorry." Was the irishmen's response his gaze lowered in respect. Mark gave a small smile a miracle to see as he grabbed Jack's arm and he teleported them back. Mark gave a weak smile eyes going back to normal as he swayed before he fell into the bed he pulled Jack in with him in an iron grip.

Jack yipped and squirmed trying to get out but Mark simply sighed.
"Please stop...I'm so tired. I just want to rest, just...relax please." Mark said sounding...weak oddly enough. Jack found his meld surprised stopping into his shock as he looked to Mark who's eyes were closed but his body seemed drained. Jack could kind of feel it which was odd. Jack was about to say something when the unimaginable happened, when something that changed Jack's entire opinion and belief in Mark. When two words escaped his tired lips.

"Thank you"

A/N: I know it's super short but not all chapters can be long XD plus it's one in the morning so uh yeah CX I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter though, and once again thank you for all the support!

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