When You Meet Him

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Josuke Higashikata-
You were having a great morning. Your family was  finally  able to move to the lovely town of Morioh. (Y/N) was currently riding her  bike to school taking in the beautiful scenery of the town, you weren't  quiet paying attention to the road and  ended up crashing into a figure that was walking in front of you. Unknowing to you that figure was none other than Josuke Higashikata. Josuke looked at you  a bit surprised sitting up from being knocked down.

You ended up panicking a bit ,"I-I'm so sorry! Are you alright?!"

Josuke only chuckled a bit ," Just fine." He had gotten up and helped you up smiling. "I haven't seen you around here before. I'm Josuke."
You smiled and picked your bike back up. " I just moved here. My names (Y/N)"
Josuke picked up his bag and he put his hand in his pocket " Since your new wana walk to school together?" You nodded and walked to school with Josuke.

Rohan Kishibe-
You woke up majorly excited. Not only was it Friday and the weekend was starting but it was the release date   of her favorite Manga "Pink Dark Boy". You were excited to have the whole weekend to yourself, nothing but junk food, watching anime and reading her favorite Manga . You  rushed to the book store and bought the Mangas and make a few other errands.

You normally run errands for a nice old lady whenever you can to help out. Stopping by her house to drop off the stuff she needed you were surprised to see the infamous Rohan Kishibe. (Y/N) was frozen a bit in both trying not start fangirling over meeting your favorite author and still processing of what had recently happened.

He ended up raising an eyebrow. "May I help you".

Unknowingly you ended up stuttering "Y-You're really the real life Rohan Kishibe.."

Rohan chuckled a bit at your reaction and leaned on the door frame of the front door " So why are you here? And what's your name?"

You looked at him " I usually run errands for the lady here, when she needs stuff. And I'm  (Y/N). I-I'm a big fan of yours."

Rohan smiles "well I'm glad you are helpful to my grandma maybe sometime you can visit"

he closed the door and went to help his grandma. You on the other hand once you got across the street and back on the route to your house you couldn't help but do a dorky happy dance and unknowing to you A certain author was watching you through the window laughing at the dorky dance you were doing and went back to his office since that moment was definitely a moment to draw for him to sketch.

Jotaro Kujo:
It was one of your unlucky days. First you slept through your alarm, your bike has a flat tire, and currently you were running for your like it was the end of the world to school. You didn't want a detention. Turning the corner to get through the gate fixing you shoes and you finally got in catching your breath you quickly went to get to your class until you were blocked by the heartthrob of every girl in school jotaro Kujo, who was looking annoyed since he was surrounded by girls who were doing their best to get him to notice them and the normal jealous arguing.
You mumbled to yourself," great just what I need".

You mentally reminded your self to try and find another way to class that was the same amount of time as your normal shortcut. "What the heck it's not like I have nothing much to lose today anyways" you thought and you started to push through the crowd of girls.

That is you ended up not looking where you where going and walked into
Jotaro and all the girls that surrounded him ended up stopping and your didn't look up but you were pretty sure they weren't to happy.

Jotaro slightly glared at you," your in my way".

You put all the courage she had and said " you and your fan girls are in my way as well would you mind moving?" Jotaro moved and when she looked up she oddly saw a faint smile instead of the normal frown that wears. And he watched you walk off, as well as feeling kinda silly that he didn't get your name

Caesar Zepelli:
Finally you was done with all her classes for the semester and ready to enjoy her vacation. And what better place to spend your vacation than going to Italy. You had finally gotten all rested up from the previous day of traveling. After a bit of sight seeing you ended up getting lost and you aren't exactly fluent Italian, so you were walking around a bit cluelessly until you saw Caesar who had just finished talking to someone and you went up to him. " Um excuse me?..".

Caesar looked at you "yes.. Let me guess your lost a pretty girl like you shouldn't be aimlessly wandering without knowing where she's going."

You blushed " I'm (Y/N) mind helping me"

He nodded and helped you around the city. " The name is Caesar."

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