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Allison's POV
When I finished getting changed and walked downstairs my family were all standing in the kitchen as I walked in they popped party poppers making me jump and accidentally scream
"You guys scared the crap out of me"
They laughed and pulled me in for a massive group hug
God I'm going to miss them, great now I'm getting emotional and so is mum
"Mum please don't cry I'm gonna visit"
"I can't believe you're growing up so quick"
As we all pulled out of the hug I stood infront if them drying my tears with my sleeve.
"Guys I'm going to be ok, I really want to explore Ireland and I have everything planned, I'll be home for Christmas, come on don't make this sad"
They all smiled
"Just make sure you call us or text us whenever you need us I can always fly over and see you" Mark said
"Yeah I know" I smiled
"Ok I'm going to grab my things, Mark can you give me a lift to the airport?"
"Yeah no problem sis leave your bags in the hall I'll get them" Mark said wile leaving the room leaving me with my parents
I hugged both of them again
"Allison I hope you know what risk you're taking its a whole new country and you'll be all alone" my father spoke
"Dad I'll have a roommate who can show me around, Ireland isn't a dangerous country I've said the same to Mark, I'm a 20 year old women I can defend and look out for myself" I said smiling
"We know you can honey it's just we will worry about you, you're  our baby and it's tough that you're leaving us"
"I know mum but seriously ill be alright I'll keep in contact with you guys I promise, I should really get going now my flight leaves soon"
They both hugged me again, I ran upstairs grabbing all the boxes. My bed and other furniture are being shipped by truck so they should be there tomorrow.
Mark carried out all my bags and stacked them in the boot of the car.

The drive to the airport was filled with music and Mark even vlogged some parts, we stopped into a local cafe to get some food since it will be a long time before I eat again considering I have a 10 hour flight ahead of me. (Yeah from California to Dublin Ireland is 10hrs 31 mins woah)
We were talking about some of our childhood memories god there was so many embarrassing ones, he once again took out his vlogging camera and talked about me moving and how much he will miss me, at this point I was tearing up I really will miss having my older broker around, he turned the camera to face me and I instantly covered my face I hated being on camera I even hated taking pictures of myself because I always looked out of place   or look like someone who was pulled through 20 bushes backwards.

We left the cafe and finally reached the airport, Mark helped me with my bags and told me he would visit me soon, he pulled me in for a hug and I lost it, why I'm I crying it's not like I'll never see him again but the emotion of leaving my home county and family upset me

"Allison please don't cry I hate seeing you upset, this is what you want. I'll miss you like crazy but like I said I'll visit and we can text and Skype you'll never be alone and I know you'll love your room mate" he said pulling away from the hug

"You're right Mark this is what I want, I'm just all over the place it seems unreal that I'm actually doing this, God I really will miss you."

" less of the sad talk you have a plane to catch sis" Mark smiled

"You're right" I said before giving him one final hug.

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