Chapter 2: Powers Awaken

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After the events of my 10th birthday party nothing really happened over the next 3 years, not until I turned 13.
I outgrew having parties with the family since I was no longer a child, so I decided to hangout with my friends, Clarissa and Kalik.

We decided to go to Six Flags and enjoy ourselves as young adults do. While trying to figure out which ride to get on first, I wanted Nitro, Kalik wanted Kingda Ka, and Clarissa wanted Skull Mountain, so to decided we played rock paper scissor shoot. Clarissa and I both lost to Kalik, so Kingda Ka it was.

After we waited for what felt like an eternity, the line was finally moving and we were next to ride. We sat in our seats, got all locked in, and the ride began. Coming up to the drop I felt this wave of excitement come over me, I did my best to ignored it and focused on this deadly drop that was near. As we met the tip of drop the excitement grew stronger only to explode throughout my body as we made our way down, I instantly passed out. "I know what we're thinking and no that wasn’t it, I wasn’t scared, what actually happened was worst."

In a conscious state, I felt myself leaving my body and my spirit wandering into this realm so unfamiliar to me, yet for some unknown reason the place felt familiar. As I wander in this unknown realm I heard a voice telling me to go back; once again, being the Curious George that I am, I didn't listen. As I kept wandering taking in my surroundings of this place I saw peace. However, I also saw sadness, it was an unexplainable feeling, to see these emotions with sight whether than feeling them. This place also showed me anger and greed, both very quiet but so haunting and eerie they were captivating. Everything within this world mirrored the realm I call home but extremely different as well. Moving along furthering my journey, fog began to overtake my sight until something hit me - or shall I say she, this beautiful woman full of grace and strength appeared before me and pushed me back into my body. I awoke to my friends and other visitors standing over me with worried looks calling out to me. Standing to my feet, I decided to make light of the situation by expressing I was overwhelmed with excitement from the ride. Meanwhile, all I really wanted was to go back and meet this woman again.

As our day at Six Flags ended my friends and I parted ways to our homes. Once home, I finally broke the ice to my parents, I told them I know about magic and I know that I can practice it "since I have been secretly anyway." My father’s famous look of worry appeared and mother sat there with concern, joy, and fear in her eyes. We sat silence until my grammy shimmered in and demanded I tell her how long I was in No Po ma Werɛ “The Sea of Spirits”. My mother shot up in great concern and asked my grammy what was she talking about. At the time, I didn’t know how dangerous that place is and why they were so fearful. I answered them and explained that I didn't mean nor know what I was doing, all I knew was that my spirit had left my body and there I was. Both my grammy and mother said in unison I have the gift of werɛ nantew "spirit walking."

Confused, but before I could ask what that meant my father cut in and said "this means she'll have the gift of Necromancy na mfonin-mirikatu (necromancy and animancy)." Still out of the loop my grammy expressed it was time I learn the ways of anyɛn (witchcraft). I was immediately filled with excitement and fear wondering what I was going to learn first. My grammy looked at me and said “look here child, this is not a game nor it is some show you watch, what I will teach you is real and dangerous and must be treated with respect,” I nodded as a sign of understanding.

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