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Recappy From the Last Chappy: "Er, I don't . . . . I don't think I could carry him, though!" What the hell is she doing! I don't want to be there alone when he's concious!

Discreetly, Annora looked at Sasuke and then flashed her eyes to Krystal, asking for his help. He understood what she was trying to do. "Don't be a wimp, you know you can."

She glared at him, exclaiming his name in her head. He raised a playful brow that told her she could not get out of this. With a sigh, she stood and waited as her limp father was placed against her back, and she found that she would have no problem carrying him, after all. A dirty look was given towards Sasuke. You are so gonna pay for this . . . .

Chapter Twenty-One: Likeness

"This is one nasty cut . . . . What happened?" asked the nurse as she cleaned Yuuta's forehead wound. When Krystal had arrived, she did as she was directed and gently laid him on the bed. She sat, hunched over, on a stool and watched the nurse work.

"Some idiot moving around props hit him with a microphone stand. I think he was carrying it over his shoulder and Elegance didn't have time to dodge . . . . Is he gonna be okay?"

Nurse nodded. "It's not as bad as it looks, actually, the wound is quite shallow. He shows no signs of a concussion, either. I just need to clean it so we don't risk an infection and then we can wait for him to regain consciousness," she answered. "I hope it doesn't leave a scar . . . . A celebrity's face is his selling point, although for all I know, Elegance may be able to pull of the dangerous look . . . ."

"Okay," Krystal said and breathed a mental sigh of relief. A minimal fraction of her stress left her, now that she knew he was going to be okay, but some of those feelings stayed, stubbornly, like the gum stuck to the bottom of her ninja sandal.

Nurse finally finished the disinfection phase and now looked for a gauze bandage. When she found one, she put it over the wound carefully, "Okiee dokiee, we're good to go! Now, er, you just have to wait for him to awaken . . . ." She blushed. "Erm . . . . Would you do me a favor?"

"I . . . guess."

"Wh-when Elegance wakes up . . . . You see, I have to go somewhere, now, so, er, do you think-" She handed Krystal her clipboard, "-you can ask him for his autograph for me?"

Typically, she felt the classic "anime sweat drop" forming, ". . . fine," she groaned, accepting the clipboard and setting it aside. Man . . . . This is going to be embarrassing . . . . I was hoping she would stay, too!

"Uwaaah! Thank you thank you thank you! You're awesome!" exclaimed she with a thumbs up and left.

"Nooo problem," she said to no one and decidedly moved her stool closer to Yuuta's bed. He looked sound asleep, dreaming contentedly. Hesitantly, as though intending to shake him awake, she projected towards him, but thought it better to withdraw. A scrap of her nearly-forgotten memories with him reminded her that, as calm natured as he was, he could be quite monstrous when forcibly awoken.


Meanwhile, back on stage, a storm was raging and its name was "Annora." All were intimidated by her fierce winds, loud thundering, and lightning-fast temper. "Kick higher! Azo, you're timing's off! Rei! Yours too! Oi, Georgia, where's your head-You missed the spin! Ugh, you people are all hopeless!"

Some, were annoyed, muttering amongst themselves. With a sigh, Kotoba decided to pull Annora to the side at the elbow, telling the dancers to "take five." She kept her voice fiercely low. "Annora, I know that you're worried, but you have got to calm down! You've had them dancing like that twenty minutes, no break. Remember, you used to be one of them-don't alienate them like that. They control how well the performance looks and sounds just as much as you do."

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