Chapter 2

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 Emily's POV:

As the bell rings for 5th period I start heading out of the cafeteria but an arm stops me. Hoping that I will be face to face with those heavenly green eyes, I turn around, disappointed.

'Hey what class are you in?' Niall asks.

'Uhm, I think Literature' I remark.

'Oh same! Want me to walk to you class?' He asks.

Wow he sure does ask a few questions.

'Er, I have to go get my books but sure!' I chuckle.

'Ok meet back here in 2 minutes' he says and walks off to his locker.

I grab my Literature books and my small pencil case and then head off to the spot I'm meeting him at. I walk down the corridor and see his recognisable dirty blonde hair waiting for me. 

'Hey, I don't know where the class is' I say, looking into his blue eyes.

'It's ok, just follow me' he smiles, stroking my blonde hair.

Did he just try and flirt with me?

I follow him through the crowded halls, finally reaching classroom B004, as he takes a seat I wonder if I should sit next to him or not. Maybe he has a girlfriend?

'Here' he beckons, patting the chair next to him, as if he read my mind.

I sit in the seat and pile my things on the small desk. As we wait for the teacher I glance around the classroom, just then my eyes meet with the familiar green eyes, I snap back around to the front of the classroom and gulp. 

Thankfully the teacher walks in at that very moment.

'Hello Class, today we have a new student here joining us, Emily Hudson' he explains.

As the class continues I zone out, thinking of the green eyes just a few rows behind me. I almost convince myself to turn around again, but I control my self thankfully. 

The bell finally rings and I am the first one to get off my seat and walk out of the classroom.

Suddenly, a hand grasps my wrist, pulling me into a tall, male figure. I look up. It's him. The boy with the curly brown locks and green eyes, I really need to find out his name.

'Going somewhere?' His thick, rich, british accent swirls inside my brain. 

He lets go of me, my hand tingles, is it mad to say I felt something? Even though it was just him grabbing my wrist? I can still feel his warm, large hand, grasping my small wrist. 

'Uhm, j-just, er, leaving' I stutter.

God Emily, you're so stupid. Out of all the words you could of said you chose them.

'No need to stutter' he smirks.

'I-i, have to go' I say, ignoring his comment.

'It was lovely meeting you' He sarcastically remarks.

I walk down the halls at a fast pace, my 4-inch heels making a loud clack on the marble floor, eager to get away from him, if I had of said anything else I would of just kept embarrassing myself. 

I throw my books into my bag and sling it over my shoulder, as I exit the school I am extra careful not to trip or crash into anybody.

As I stand at the school gates I unlock my iPhone using the finger scan. I quickly type my mum's phone number into the keypad. 

'Hey Mum, are you nearly here?' I say, but just then I see her black, convertible Mercedes Benz CL.

I jump into the car, giving her a quick kiss on her cheek.

'What's up with you?' she questions.

'Nothing, nothing at all' I chuckle.


 I logged onto Facebook, checking what was up on my newsfeed when i noticed I had a friend request, I clicked on the boy named 'Harry Styles', as I viewed his profile picture my heart skipped a beat. 

It was him. 

Should I accept? Should I decline?

But my hands accepted for me. 

Just then a chat message box popped up with the name...

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