Chapter 1

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Emily's POV:

In every other teenage girls life today would be a normal day, not for me.

Today I'm going to a brand new school, Miami Heights High.

As I jump out of my mum's car, I sling my backpack over my right shoulder and slam the door shut. I walk up the front stairs of the school examining the students and the grounds. Just as I walk up the final step I crash into someone.

'Oh my god I am so sorry' I exclaim, staring into his dazzling, green eyes.

I look into them noticing how the sunlight reflects onto them, making them seem as if they are gorgeous emeralds. 

'Do you mind?' he mutters, just as I realise that I am lying on his chest. I pull myself up, gripping onto his toned biceps. Still looking into his eyes I reach for my backpack, as my fingers catch onto the leather fabric, I grasp onto it, slinging it back onto my shoulder.

I scamper off, not looking back. 


As the bell rings I gather my notes and tuck them into my backpack. I head to my locker, throwing the bag inside and reaching for my purse.

As I make my way over to the cafeteria I drift off into my own thoughts.

'Who owned those pair of gorgeous, green eyes?'

'What did the rest of his body look like?'

Just before I enter the cafeteria I realise how foolish I am.

'You'll probably never see him again so stop thinking about him!' I tell myself.

When I step inside the cafeteria it reminds me of my Mum's makeup draw, everything in order, the same things go in the same compartments, except this time it was with food and lunch tables.

I lined up in the line, getting the nicest looking thing on the trays, as I pay for my food I turn around, looking at all the different cliques. I realise I had nowhere to sit. 

'Great, why couldn't I have thought about this earlier?'

Just as I see a small, empty table next to the overloaded bin a girl pops into my face. Her long, blonde hair mixed with her blinding, white teeth almost burn my eyes.

'Hey I'm Nikki!' she exclaims.

'Uhm, Hey, I'm Emily' 

'You're the new girl hey?' Nikki questions.

'Yea' I answer.

'Well I guess I'll see you around' Nikki says, returning to her table. It's completely obvious that her and her clique run the school just by the way everyone flinches when she walks past their table. 

I walk over to the empty table near the bin, picking at my burger, I'm the sort of person that likes to eat healthy but the healthiest thing that the cafeteria has is this. Just as I go to throw it in the bin I hear a male's voice.

'Hey if you're not going to eat that I will!' he shouts.

I turn around trying to find the owner to the voice, as I see a boy, around my age with dirty blonde hair that sweeps up at the front, waving at me.

He walks closer and takes the burger from my hand, sitting down at the table I was sitting at.

'Hey, I'm Niall' he says with his mouth half full, putting his hand that has a few drops of sauce on it acknowledging me to shake it.

I cringe as I put my hand in his, giving it a light shake.

'I'm Emily, nice to meet you' I remark.

'This burger is good!' Niall exclaims.

I giggle and shake my head.

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