Chapter 19

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Wendy's POV

I finally go back to school, but of course people were eyeing me.

I ignored them cause I honestly couldn't care less but all this attention is bad since I don't wanna be seen by Yoongi.

I look around the school and I don't see hiiiimm oh damn it he's right there.

He notices me shit k let's run in 3,2,1. I try to run but he grabs my bag and prevents me from running.

"Ugh what do you want."

"Are you trying to avoid me, what are you embarrassed about what happened a few days ago?" 

"N-no" I could feel my own cheeks burning up!

"Now leave I have to go to class,"

"You mean we"

He puts his arm around me causing everyone to look.

I try to push him off but he just clings on.

All of his fangirls run up to him and start asking stupid questions.

"Oppa why are you with her?"
"Are you guys dating"
"Oppa what about me"
"You can do this to us!"

So annoying, like we would date.
Finally he lets go of me.

"EVERYONE, yes Wendy and I are dating!"

I open my eyes really wide shocked of what he just said, so careless again!

He grabs me by my waist and kisses me in front of everyone.
My face is all red, I push him back and speed walk to the bathroom.

I'm too embarrassed to see his face so I'll just stay here.  The class bell rings meaning everyone is going to class.

No one's POV
Wendy was sitting on the floor at the bathroom. She doesn't realize that Suga was looking for her all this time.

When he finally finds her, he surprise kisses her.

"Oh! What are you doing! Telling everyone we're dating."

"Aren't we? You know after what happened. I know you like me and I like you so why not date?" 

"How do you know I like you?" Wendy says with her arms crossed still on the floor against the wall.

He goes in front of her on the floor.

He leans towards while saying "because you like it when I do this."

He kisses her really intensely and she moans.
They both start kissing Passionately until they pull of to breath.

"Yea,I do love it when you do that." She smiles to him and they both make there way into the bathroom stall.

He unbuttons Wendy's uniform one by one, playing with Wendy about to touch her breasts but stops when she knows he's going to do it.

Wendy plays along while taking his belt off, and then slowing unbuttons his shirt from the bottom to the top.

She puts her hands against his abs and then starts moving her fingers down. He flinched a little making Wendy laugh a little.

"Two can play that game" he says it while putting his on Wendy's back but really unstrapping her bra.

He puts his hands on her breasts while kissing her. They both stop when they here the bell ring for lunch time.

While Suga was buttoning his t shirt he was watching Wendy put on her bra/shirt.

Her hair was all messy and parts of it were on her face.

Wendy leaves the washroom first to see if anybody is there, no body was there so Suga comes out also.

They didn't notice but a little someone was there, watching there every move.

Sorry for not posting In while!! This chapter was very awkward for me to make, but I will post more often!! That mashup is by ryuserlover his mashup's are 😍😍. RED VELVET RUSSIAN ROULETTE IS LIKE YASSS

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