Chapter 1

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A/N: thanks for reading my first book! Here's the sequel! There'll be new character(s) added!


"Yah! I miss you! You didn't call me for a week!" Hana complained on skype.

"Mianhae! I was busy with exams, but luckily, I'm almost done in school!! I'm excited, I really wanna get my Medical Degree. I wanna be a vet, not a people doctor," I said.

Hana stared at me blankly. "Seriously? The first thing you say in a week is schools stuff? Tch, boringggg."

"Aish, you meanie!" I pouted.

"Soooooo when are you coming back?" Hana asked.

"I'll come back as soon as graduation ends, okay?" I laugh.

"Hey, Haru, who are you talking to?" Jimin walked in and peered at my laptop. "Oh, hi Hana!" He waved.

"Hey Jimin! Are you coming back with Haru?"

"I sure am!" He chuckles.

"Yah! I thought that Hana and I were skyping, not Hana and Jimin," I whined.

"Yah, you little baby," he pinched my cheeks. "I'll go make breakfast."

"Ooh," Hana wiggled her brows. "Does he like you?"

"Um, Hana he obviously does. Do you not remember?" I asked.

"Doesn't matter! Lol! I still ship you and Taehyung," she sang.

"Speaking of which, how is he doing?" I asked.

" least he's not staying in his room 24/7 anymore. He goes out, but lately I've seen him with this girl, and I really wanna slap him," Hana said disappointedly.

"Hana, it's okay. I told him to move's okay...," I sighed. I really wasn't okay. I thought could forget about him, but I couldn't.

"But don't you still love him?" Hana asked timidly.

I nodded yes. "Isn't that him?" I pointed to a male figure in the background. "I haven't talked to him in a while..." Next to him, I saw a girl. "Is that her?" Wait...isn't that Michelle?

Hana looked shocked. "Um...yeah..."

My heart was broken, but it was me who left him. So I have no one to blame but myself.

"Hey, Tae! Say hi to Haru!" Hana called. He looked at the computer screen in shock with his jaw dropped. He quickly ran away, which made me feel guilty.

"It's okay, Hana..."

"Um...well...when are you graduating?" Hana asked. "Oh, wait, hold on. I got a text." She began giggling and smiling. I was so confused.


"Ah, nothing!" She grinned.

"So when are you graduating?" She asks again.

"In a week! June 1st!" I said.

"Aish, don't rush it! We'll buy the tickets for you, okay?" She chirped.

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