Nadia could still hear Minho's screams ringing in her head.

"No! Nadia! No!"

She could still hear the utter despondency and desperation in his voice as he called her name. She could still hear his sobs.

Her last glimpse of Minho was one she remembered very clearly: he had been trying to run toward her, but Newt was holding him firmly in place. Tears were running down both of their faces at the pace of a river's current. Eventually, Minho sunk to his knees and simply watched as she was carried away.

All she could comprehend after that was pain.

The Creators hadn't meant to rip her leg off, or at least that was what they claimed. The Griever was supposed to tuck her safely inside of its flesh and that would be it. Instead, it had yanked her so violently that the limb had been twisted and mangled beyond repair. Nadia could still feel the explosion of sheer agony she had felt in those moments until she blacked out and woke up in a hospital room. Or, at least, what she had thought was a hospital room. It was actually W.I.C.K.E.D's headquarters.

W.I.C.K.E.D was a very fitting name for the organization that ruined her life.

To their credit, they still tried to warm up to her by giving her memories back. It only made her pain worse. She didn't want them- she was a completely different girl than the one before the Maze. The realization that she had a girlfriend beforehand carved a hole in her chest. Especially when they told her she had died in her Trials.

They told her numerous things she couldn't imagine them revealing to anyone else. Zart, Dave, all of those kids who had been taken by Grievers just like she had were alive. In fact, W.I.C.K.E.D was planning on using them for different Trials if need be. It made her realize how they only saw children as resources instead of actual people. It was disgusting.

A man named Janson claimed they were going to move Nadia to be a technician, as putting her in a Maze again would "do no good." Especially with the fact she only had one leg and could hardly walk.

But Gally had other plans. When they let him go, he took Nadia with him, hiding her in the Berg before they took off to Denver. And that was how she ended up hiding behind a corner while he talked to her friends.

She couldn't face them. No matter how much she wanted to, she couldn't, and that thought haunted her. Seeing any of her friends - especially Minho - would only make the hole in her chest deeper knowing she couldn't stay with them. Their voices made her squeeze her eyes shut so hard she saw colors. It sounded like Thomas, Minho, and a few others she couldn't place were there. Nadia could feel the false hope already rising no matter how hard she tried to shove it down.

She had managed to strike a deal with Gally: he could tell them everything except the fact she was alive. It was the last thing she wanted. If they knew, only chaos could ensue.

"Listen," Thomas said harshly to Gally. "We need a reason to trust you."

As always, the sound of his voice sent a soothing wave through Nadia. Maybe it was because she knew he was the one who stopped the Walls from fully closing on her leg. Thomas had gone against orders to save her, and that fact was permanently etched into her brain. Guilt was swarming her stomach now; it took everything she had to stay behind the wall.

Gally spoke after a long pause. "The guy who gave you the note is named Richard. He's a member of a group called the Right Arm. They have people in every city and town left on this crappy planet. Their whole mission is to bring down our old friends – to use W.I.C.K.E.D's money and influence for things that actually matter – but they don't have the resources to disrupt an organization so huge and powerful. They want to act, but they're still missing some information."

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