Chapter 3 one night too many fights

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It's early in the morning and I feel the sun on my face, then I realized that Mason was still in my bed. I try to lift his arm from around my waist, luckily I was successful. I walk down to the kitchen and find a letter from my parents

Jocelyn your father and I have excused you, Victoria and your friends from school today. there's money on the counter in case you and your friends get hungry
-Love Mom

I grab the money and put it in my pocket. I decided to make breakfast for everyone. Pretty soon I heard someone come down from the stairs. "Good morning" Carter said. I could tell that he was still a bit tired. "Hey, you hungry" I asked getting stuff out of the refrigerator to make Pancakes.

Carter came and sat at the kitchen counter "After yesterday I feel like I could eat almost everything in your fridge. I laughed at his comment. "I'd like to see you try" I said as we both laughed at each other. I then had this feeling that Carter wanted to ask me something. Carter finally gathered the courage to ask me."So where did you go last night?"

I didn't want Carter to know where I went last night, because if I tell him he'd most definitely tell Mason or worse my parents. "I went out for a drive to just clear my head". I give Carter his pancakes and continue to make more. "You know your parents were worried about you" he said.

I laughed sarcastically and started making coffee. Carter had a confused look on his face "Why are you laughing?" He asked. "I highly doubt that my parents were worried about me" I said. "Trust me they were worried about you we all were, even Mason was worried about you." Carter said as he stuffed a piece of pancake in his mouth.

"If I told you guys were I was last night you wouldn't understand, it's just... It's complicated" I looked down  at the counter. "You may not think so but believe me Mason and I get it" He said glancing down at the floor for a moment.

I want to tell them and come clean but I'm not so sure. "I'll tell you guys later since my parents excused us from school for the day" I said. As Carter and I were talking I hear sounds of multiple people coming down the stairs. "Morning guys, morning Vic." I said as they all came down the stairs.

Everyone slowly walked towards the table or the counter. "Morning" the guys all said in unison. Vic looked a bit grumpy since she hasn't had her coffee yet. "Where's my coffee" Vic asked while still rubbing her eyes. I honestly wonder how Vic would act if she didn't have her coffee. "Its right here" I said giving it to her.

I feel Mason's arms around me and his head on my shoulder. I wince at the pain from my side that Mason was holding. Mason looked at me with concern in his eyes. "What happened?" I didn't feel like being interrogated this morning "nothing don't worry about it."

Obviously that was the wrong choice "Don't pull that shit with me Jocelyn who did this to you." When he said those words to me he was pissed and to be honest it was kind of a turn on. Wait what am I thinking come on Jocelyn pull yourself together. I turned around and glared at him "I said don't worry about it." I stormed off and headed to my thinking place.

"Don't worry Mason I'll go talk to her" Victoria said after coming after me. "Thanks Victoria." He said. I sat on the edge of the roof just thinking about how I was going to tell them everything that happened between my parents and the whole me being a street fighter thing. I could feel my eyes watering so I just wipe them away.

"Hey are you okay?" Vic said once again interrupting me from my thoughts. "No and I don't think I will ever be okay" I said turning away from her. "Brayan called me and said you were there last night" Vic said as she rested her hand on my shoulder. "That's not the only thing that happened last night. Vic I found out that my parents are part of a gang and they have been since I was born I was so angry I didn't know what to do"

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