Jay V, star quarterback of the football team, practically every girls' dream. But mine. We were friends, yes, but I'm more of the...tomboy type. Skirts? Hell no, nail polish?Never before in my life. Make up? What's eyeliner again? So you see, I know nothing about a life of girl.

I have an older brother Joey, and a sister Lucy . Joey is in college,and Lucy, school's bitch. Hey, we might be related but that doesn't mean I LIKE her or CARE for her.

"Clarissa, wake up!"said the bitch,"We're gonna be late!"she complained. I got up and threw a hoodie over my tank top, and pulled on a random, which I know is clean, jean. I brushed my teeth, and went to the garage. I got into the driver seat, and opened the garage.

 I pulled on my converse ,that I leave in here, and waited for Lucy. Lucy climbed in looking in her purse. I reversed and closed the garage door, and drived to school, hearing Lucy's whinny, bitchy, pitchy, voice on the damn phone. I got out and waited for Lucy, she eventually got out and I locked my door and walked over to where Jay V and my guys were."Sup guys."I said plopping down in the middle, of our group.

"Sup Lis,"said Jaden, I smacked him in the arm, hard.

"You know I hate being called that! Son of a bitch."I whispered the last part. Yes, I have an anger issue, but he knew me well enough to not call me that.

"Now, now Clair say your sorry."said Jay V in a baby voice put his arm around me.

I laughed at his voice."Boy you sound like you're on crack!"I said laughing.

"Hey, Jay V!"said a high, pitchy familiar voice in the room. I didn't have to turn my head to know who it was. Lucy."Shit,"I said just before she came. Just because Jay V, went on a date, which I know was a pity date, Lucy thinks he's just playing hard-to-get.

Jay V rolled his eyes and said a quick hey before turning his attention onto the guys and me."So as I was saying, movie game night should be at my house this time and don't forget-"he started but Lucy cut him off. I already knew her question before she asked it.

"Can I come?"she asked batting her eyelashes coated with mascara. She always asks the same thing every time.

"No, because no girls allowed."he finished.

"Clarissa is going!"she retorted,

This argument always go on like this, every week. "I meant no girls-except Clair."he said and pecked me on the cheek. Lucy 'hmmped' and walked away.

"Nasty!"I said wipping my cheek where he had kissed.

"Aw, come on. I know you love it."he said smirking.

"Yeah, the day Hell freezes...twice!"I said.

 He faked hurt on his face, but a second later a smile broke out on his face."So, who is it now?"he asked.

"Jake Ryan."I said yawning from the lack pf sleep.A round of whoo, erupted from the guys.

"Aw you break his lil heart?"said Bryan in his baby voice looking sad.

"..."I stayed silent.

"You said yes, did you?"smirked Bryan.

"Uhh...well...ya see." I started but didn't know where to go. I admit I did say yes, but that was after he blackmailed me. They all burst into a spasm of laughed and whooped. I rolled my eyes and smacked all their heads.

"Hey, violence is not the answer!"said Blake.

"Violence is almost always the answer."I said flipped my hair dramatically and then put it back where it was.