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Kurama ran as fast as he could to where Ino Sakura and Naruto's body was. He had left as soon as he finished his conversation with Chōmei. He wouldn't have told Tsunade and Kakashi if they hadn't stopped him.

Kurama sped up as he saw the small cave like house in sight. He literally burst through the door scaring the fangirl out if Sakura and Ino. "Don't burst in like that!" Sakura yelled as she sighed. "Help me with the body" Kurama ignored her and opened the scroll on an empty table top.

They carried the body and placed it on top of the scroll. "Seal!" Kurama yelled as he placed a bloody finger on the paper and slammed his hand down. "What's happening?" Ino asked as the body disappeared.

"Your mission is done here go back to the Leaf village" Kurama said strapping on the scroll to his back. "Wait what!? What's gonna happen to Naruto? Where are you taking him" Sakura yelled.

"Shut up will you! Go back to the village Tsunade will explain everything, and don't worry about Naruto he's in good hands" Kurama's voice faded as he ran off. Ino put an hand on Sakura's shoulder "I don't think Kurama would hurt Naruto, come on let's go back to the village you could use some sleep" Sakura gave a small nod.

Kurama sprinted like an actual fox on all fours even though he was still in his human form. It was gonna be a while before he reached Takigakure. But as far as Kurama was concerned he wasn't going to stop until he either died of exhaustion or reached the village.


Kurama's eyes we're still wide open even though he hadn't slept in a couple of days. He finally reached it, he reached Takigakure. Kurama rushed into the village triggering alarms. "Where is he?" Kurama asked himself looking around.

"You! Hold it right there!" A shinobi yelled making Kurama look back. "Tch" he let out as he continued to look through the village while being chased by a mob of shinobi. "There" he yelled as he saw a green haired girl eating dangos.

He landed right in front of her making her choke on the dango in her mouth. "Ah it's you!" she said as she swallowed it and looked up. "Surround him!" a voice ordered. Kurama and Fu were surrounded by the mob that was chasing Kurama.

"You sure now how to make an entrance" Fu laughed. Kurama looked around him then at Fu "I also know how to make an exist" he said grabbing Fu and vanishing. The shinobi stood there trying to process what had happened.

"Search the whole village and 50 meters outside our territory, they shouldn't have been able to get very far" ordered the same voice as all the ninja scattered into different directions.

"That was so awesome!" Fu yelled as they came came up in a different location. "You have to teach me that" Fu jumped up and down but stopped when Chōmei forcibly switched places with her. "I'm glad to see you're here" Chōmei said through Fu.

"Yeah great to see you too, now help me fix him" Kurama shoved the scroll towards Fu. She nodded and walked towards a plain patch of grass where she laid down the scroll and opened it. "Kurama are you sure you want to do this?" Chōmei asked as he hesitated in summoning the body.

"Of course!  This boy.... he means a lot to his village and his friends- and he means a lot to me as well" Kurama said looking down. "But you do know what happens when a tailed beast is extracted from you, the same thing goes for your situation. Kurama if you do this you'll die and this time you won't come back" Kurama's eyes widened.

He hadn't know that but even now that he did know nothing changed. "Please Chōmei I'm asking you as one tailed beast to another, bring Naruto back. You may not believe it now but the world needs that orange colored idiot" Kurama said looking straight into the eyes of Chōmei who still had control over Fu.

Chōmei looked at him trying to see any other feeling besides determination in his eyes but he found none. He looked at the scroll and thought 'What exactly is this kid, to be able to change the way a tailed beast thinks. Especially Kurama, if he's able to do that then he might just be able to save this disgusting world'

Chōmei nodded "Summon" he said as he slammed a hand down. "Let's begin" Chōmei said rather sadly as he began to extract Naruto's soul from Kurama and began carefully placing it into the corpse.

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