Dean Winchester Imagine 1

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Tonight was the last night. The night you've been dreading for the past year. Dean was going tonight, and not just to spend time alone, or because he was ditching hunting. He was leaving against his will. At midnight, the hellhounds would find him and drag him down to hell, with no chance of escape.

You sat in the front passenger seat of the Impala as it sped down the road. You looked at the clock. 9:30. You had only two and a half hours left. With Dean. To tell him how you felt.

This thought brought tears to your eyes. You looked over at Dean as he stared out into the open road. His eyes soft. A slight hint of true fear shone through. You've always loved him, but you never got the chance to tell him. Tonight was your last chance. Thinking of this caused you to start sobbing. Dean took notice of this and pulled the car over to the side of the road.

He remained silent, so not to wake Sam and Ruby, who were asleep in the back seat. Dean got out of the car. You were too busy crying to notice him walk over to your side. He opened your door, reached across your body and removed your seatbelt. He placed one arm under your legs and another on the small of your back. He picked you up as you wrapped your arms around his neck and cried into his chest. Dean carried you into the field on the side of the road and set you down in the tall grass. He then sat down next to you.

You tried to stop the tears from flowing but you couldn't stop. Dean put his arm around your waist and pulled you close. Your tears slowed a bit as you tried to find a way to react to this. He was never this affectionate around you. You pulled back slightly and turned to face Dean.

"Why?" You asked. "Why are you doing this?" Dean just lay back in the grass, taking you with him.

"I want to spend some time with you before I..." Dean's voice trailed off, not wanting to upset you more. You had finally stopped crying. You and Dean just lay there, quietly in the grass, hearing nothing but the rustle of the grass through the gentle wind.

You thought long and hard while staring up at the stars. You had to tell him. It was time. You sat up.

"What's wrong?" Dean asked sounding concerned. He sat up as well.

"Dean, I have a confession to make." You said looking down.

"What is it?" Dean asked. You took a deep breath. 'This is it.' You thought. 'No going back.'

"I just can't bear to think that this is the last time I'll ever see you." You said. "After tonight, you'll be gone and..." Your voice trailed off.

"And what?" Dean asked.

"And I never told you I loved you." Dean was taken aback by this.

"I should go back to the car." You said standing up. You began to walk away, but a hand, Dean's hand grabbed yours and laced his fingers with yours. You turned around to see Dean standing close to you. He put his free hand on the small of your back and pulled you close. He let out a soft sigh.

"Y/N," He said. "These are my last few hours on earth..."

"I know." You said. "So I..."

"Let's make them count." Dean cut you off and sealed the gap between you. Your eyes fluttered shut and you wrapped your arms around his neck, savouring every second.

You've been kissed before, but never like this. Dean's lips were soft, warm and full of passion. He pulled away for a moment.

"I love you Y/N." He said, kissing you again.

"I love you too Dean." You said against his lips. Dean picked you up again and carried you back to the Impala. His lips never leaving yours.

*Two and a half hours later*

You cradled Dean's bloody body in your arms. He was taking short, shallow breaths, signalling he was going soon. Tears streamed down your face, not wanting to let him go. Dean turned to face Sam, who was sobbing by his side.

"Sam, take care of my baby for me will ya?" Dean asked weakly.

"Yeah." Said Sam. "The car is safe with me."

"Not the car." Said Dean. He turned to you. "Her." He slowly reached up and pulled your lips down to meet his one last time.

"I love you Dean." You said through your tears, stroking his cheek.

"I love you too Y/N" Dean said shakily, allowing one tear to slip through his perfect green eyes, before he slipped away.

*Four months later*

It's been four, long, painful months since you'd watched Dean die. Not a day had passed without you remembering your everlasting kiss under the stars, him dying in your arms and jut Dean in general. Since then, you swore to never love another.

You had begun to play the song, "Carry On Wayward Son" by Kansas, Dean's favourite, when you heard a knock at the door. You checked around the motel door frame to make sure all of your traps, including your salt, iron, silver and Devil's Trap were placed perfectly. You opened the door and almost fainted from shock of who you saw.


"Surprise." He said.

"Dean?" You asked. "Is it really you?" He nodded.

He stepped inside bypassing all of your traps. You could barely believe it. It was Dean. Alive. In the flesh. With you. You began sobbing as you wrapped your arms around him. You automatically leaned in and you shared a long, passionate kiss. Dean was finally yours. He was never going to leave you. Never again.

A/N: A friend of mine is writing a sequel for this. So it will be posted whenever she's done.

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