Hello, how are you?

For the ones that (somehow) didn't know, I'm on hiatus!

I'm not back (yet), but I've decided somethings that, after putting a lot of thought to it, I'm going to inform you all. First, this account will be used only to Rosie Carlisle's chronicles and Angels. The other stories: Heat (Brett Dalton), Breathless and Instant Crush will be continued in another account that I'll make. Why I'm moving these stories into another account? It's because this one I have mixed feelings about it and I decided that instead of deadactive it, I'll still use it for Shadowhunters and Angels. And, for the ones that read Heathens and the ones that liked Technicolour Beat... I'm afraid that I won't be able to continue Technicolour Beat and Heathens I'll sell it. (More info about it just go check out Heathens).

Why this book will be moved to another account: this fanfic it's my first one and I think you're all tired of listening why this story is so important to me. The restart will be made in the other account, as this version will be here only to let everybody know that this story it's not discontinued. The essential will be the same, but the things that will change is: it's not going to be on Season 1, but Season 2. The events that really happened on season 1 will happen to the story but Kathleen will only discover Barry's secret life a year after The Flash first appeared. Her backstory will still be the same but about the two getting together... Let's just say that it'll take a while. The rest will only be known when I publish it! Don't worry, when I publish it, I'll be sure to inform here.

And the other part: what's going to happen to this account and what the other will have? Well, this account will be used for Shadowhunters and Angels. The others that'll be moved will stay here on display but with the warning in the end "moved to (name of the other account, that has not been made, yet)". I'm just too attached to this account to let it go, so I'm going to have two accounts and the other one will be the main and this one the side account. I really love the development that I've made here and I'm happy that I've reached 500 followers! (half 1K!) But, I think this website has changed a lot since I've entered. I need a half-start, you know? It's nobody's fault, it's just me (idk tbh).

Anyways, that's what I wanted to let you all know! (This announcement will be put in all stories).

About the stories (what will happen to each) will be put in shortly in each story.

Thanks again so much for 500 followers! I'm blown away.

I'm still on hiatus, but I'll be back by the end of the year (November or December). I hope you all understand my decision.

LOVE U GUYS <3 <3 <3

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