Chapter 7

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Heyo! Hope you like this chapter! Enjoy!

Liza's POV :
We we're all sitting around the TV when all of a sudden Kisten said she heard another noise.
Kisten- "Did anyone else hear that?"
Liza- "I heard that. It was a voice" David pulled me into a tight hug
Carly- "Hey guys why don't we call it a night. We can all hang out tomorrow come over to my place"
Everyone- "Yeah sounds like an idea"
David- "Oh guys me and Liza have something to tell you all"
Liza and David- "We are getting married!!!"
Gabbie- "Omg that's great!"
Everyone else smiled and said the same.
We gave everyone hugs and left

<Car ride home>

Liza- "I'm so happy and I can't wait to get married"
David- "Me to babe"
Liza- "Are you okay? You seem like somethings upset you?"
David- "No no no I'm fine I'm just really tired"
Liza- "Stay at mine the night"
David- "Thanks babe"
David was lying. I knew something was bothering him

We get to my apartment and go straight to the beige couch and put on the TV. David is playing with my hair and starts to slowly kiss down my neck I straddle him and kiss his soft lips rapping my arms around his neck while his hands rest on my waist.  We continue making out for the next minute or so then David picks me up and carries me to the bedroom *what happened in the bedroom stays in the bedroom 😂*

<Next Day>

David's POV :
I wake up and hear the shower running Liza was taking a shower.
Woah last night was amazing I think to myself as I'm thinking Liza comes out the shower with a towel wrapped around her.
David- "Damn your beautiful"
Liza blushes and gives me a kiss.
She lays down next to me an cuddles up to me
Liza- "Hey can I ask you something?"
David- "Yeah of course?"
Liza- "I know you was lying last night, what was wrong?"
David- "I was just worried about you, you know at the house I was scared something was gonna happen to you. I love you and I don't know what I'd do without you or if something happened to you"
Liza- "I love you babe"
David- "I love you too"
Liza- "You better start getting ready or we're gonna be late to meet the others"
I go take a shower and put on my usual black trousers, black top and black vine hat. I lay on. Liza's bed as I watch her put her makeup on
David- "Why do you wear makeup? You look beautiful with and without it"
Liza- "Thanks babe. I just wear makeup because I like to, plus I'm a little boy without eyebrows"
We both laugh and I wait for Liza to finish her makeup

Liza's POV :
Liza- "Okayyy and done! Do I look alright?"
David- "You look stunning babe"
I blush and kiss him which turns into an intense make out session we pull away and I rest my forehead on his
Liza- "We better get going"
David- "Yeah I'll drive"
Liza- "Okay babe"

<Timelapse To Car>

David- "So where have we gotta meet the others?"
Liza- "Carly's place. Take a right there"
David- "Okay. Hey babe we should start planning the wedding soon I mean-" just as he said that everything went black...

Another cliffhanger! Sorry this chapter is late I was gonna update earlier but it's my mums birthday today so sorry! I'm updating again tomorrow like usual. Anyways I hope y'all (I never say y'all lol)  liked this chapter it was fun to write! Tell me if you guys liked this one as well and I'm sooooo close to 1k reads! Thank y'all so much! Thanks for reading. Little white girl is outttttttt! Byeeeeeee! Xox

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