Chapter 49

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He was up late that night sifting through the channels on t.v. then switched over to Hulu. Jason and Dennis insisted that he signup.

He had grown fond of the shows, fascinated even of the ones that depicted his era. Although some highly inaccurate he felt offended. He was not that barbaric. He rolled his eyes shaking his head looking at the titles.

He settled in with a bottle of beer and a series : SleepyHollow...

It wasn't until sometime had passed that he heard the jingle and vibration of a phone. He sat up and pulled his out. Puzzled it wasn't his.

Again the jingle.

He looked around his room and followed it to his dresser. He opened it and noticed it was Tara's. His heart fluttered as he opened it. And he read the message.

In that instant at nearly 1am in the morning he bolted out of his room into Jasons jumping on his bed and scaring the bloody hell out of him-As Jason put it.....

"Lad....lad...lad," he blurted out yanking the comforter off of Jasons head toppling him to the floor.

A grunt and moan could be heard as he begged Jason to sit up and read the message on the phone.

"Uncle it is 1 in the morning," Jason moaned gripping his head regretting the 9 beers he drank at the club.

"Tell me I am not going daft. Tara wrote that?" he waited as Jason pulled the phone from his hand and looked at it.

Immediately Jason sat upright shaking off the grogginess from his head. "Uncle she wrote to you," Jason gasped.

He stood quickly slightly swaying and handed Duncan the phone. "Answer her back," he rushed Duncan handing him back the phone.

Overwhelmed and on the verge of losing his mind he texted her back with Jasons help.

He paced arguing with Jason on why he could not ask for her address or tell her it was him.

"Yes uncle she would most definetly give a complete stranger her address," Jason argued back sarcastically.

"I'm not a stranger she knows me," he felt perplexed with all these rules. He wanted to see her.

Trying to calm him down he begged Duncan to focus pointing the phone and calming him down.

He continued texting back and forth with her.
It was a sensitive time at best. His emotions were everywhere as she made arrangements to meet at Washington Square Park.

Without hesitating he agreed.


Midday could not come any sooner as he impatiently sat in the taxi cab on the way there. Traffic was unbareable and the driver was no picnic either.

When he finally got there he stepped out of the cab barely listening to the cab driver trying to tell him he has change. In large quick strides he walked into the park dodging the countless people that walked around.

When he finally stood near the fountain, he spotted her.

He sucked in a deep breath as he admired her from afar. His heart swelled with the view of her. He had waited so long for this day to come it felt as if it were a dream.

When she texted him again he replied with what he was wearing. Then she replied and he could see her agitated state.

He could not wait any longer. So he called her.
That sweet gentle voice warmed his heart and breathed life back into his soul like nothing else could.

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