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"Who is Chōmei?" Sasuke asked. Kurama sighed "Figures, humans can't even bother to learn our names. Chōmei is the seven tails, and it seems he has had a similar situation" Kurama said as he rolled up the scroll.

"We only have four days... Will that even give us enough time to get to Chōmei?" Sasuke asked. "There is another way" Kurama said. "There is?" Tsunade asked sitting up. "How?!" she asked. "There is psychic plane that only jinchuuriki and tailed beasts can enter. Although it will take me a couple of hours to pinpoint where they are and knowing Chōmei's jinchuuriki it's bound to be quite the hassle" Kurama sighed.

"You think you can do it?" Tsunade asked. Kurama scoffed "You dare underestimate me" he gave a slight glare. Sasuke let out a scoff "Then we're counting on you big shot" Sasuke said with a cocky smile. Kurama snorted "When are you not?" he said before he was left alone in the room to concentrate.


"Have you told Hinata?" Tsunade asked. Kakashi looked down "Yes, but it's like she didn't even hear me. She looked so frail like she would break if something touched her" Kakashi said. Tsunade sighed and sat on her chair "You look a bit better" Tsunade gave a strained smile "Have you been informed of what is happening?" Kakashi nodded.

"Sasuke told me everything, how is Sakura and Ino they have the hardest job" Kakashi asked. "Actually I just sent Shizune up there to help them, she should have arrived by now" Tsunade said giving a small thumbs up.

"The village seems so quiet without him around" Kakashi frowned behind his mask. Tsunade looked out the window everything was so bleak. Tsunade smiled "Who knew the world could be so gray without the color orange" her smile faltered.

"Lady Tsunade? We will get him back won't we?" Kakashi asked his now thin body shook a little. Tsunade looked at him "I give my word as 5th Hokage, I will do anything and everything to get him back" Tsunade said.


"Hear that kid? They want you back and as weird as it sounds I wouldn't mind seeing your stupid smile again. So please... come back and sing a song for us again" Kurama thought as he put more chakra into pinpointing Chōmei.

"I found him!" Kurama yelled. He smiled as he let out short breaths than concentrated again. "Chōmei? Chōmei can you hear me?" Kurama said as he entered a plain white mind scape. "Kurama? Is that you?" A giant like insect appeared with a green haired girl.

"It is you! Strange for you to contact me" Chōmei said. "Wow! Who is this?! He's enormous!" the green haired girl asked looking at Chōmei. "This is Kurama the nine tails, Kurama this is Fuu my vessel" Chōmei said.

Fuu scoffed "I prefer the term teammate" she crossed her arms and sat down. "That makes one of us" Chōmei mumbled. "Anyway where's your vessel, I don't see him or is he hiding behind you?" Chōmei asked trying to looks behind Kurama.

"Actually he's the reason I wanted to talk to you, I have become the vessel of my jinchuuriki" Kurama explained everything that had happened up to that point. "This Naruto kid can he be saved Chōmei?" Fuu asked looking up at the seven tails.

"That depends, the spirit can not return unless it wants to. Naruto was it?" Kurama nodded. "We'll if Naruto does not wish to return then he will not be able to enter the body. And even if Naruto did want to live again that mirrors power can still take control of him at any minute." Chōmei summoned a huge scroll.

"Bring me his body in this, it has the power to freeze time so it should help contain the body. Come to Takigakure and I will help as much as I can, but I wouldn't be happy just yet there is a 60% chance that the darkness will swallow his heart and soul once again" Chōmei said before breaking the connection and disappearing.

Kurama opened his eyes to see the scroll sitting in front of him. "I know Naruto, there's no way he'll loose to hatred. He saved Sasuke from going with Orochimaru he can save himself" Kurama gripped the shirt he had on. "I will let you sing again" Kurama promised as if the sleeping Naruto could hear him.

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