'If you insult about our muteness again, I will not hesitate to pour a hot boiling water down your throat. Then let's see how you survive as a mute, you bitch.' Diane growled at their face and shove them off. The girls have a fear look on their face and with haste, they nod their heads before took off with their tails between their legs. I mentally scold her but I kind of like the look on their faces.

After that, it were Chase and my aunt, Anna. Anna ask for forgiveness while Chase look reluctant to accept me as his Alpha. I growl at him and he flinch and lower his head in submissive when I let my Alpha out right at him.

Honestly, I want to cast them out, away from my sight so I wouldn't look at them and think about the things that they have done to me but I can't keep my anger forever so I forgive them and let them stay here freely except Robert. He has to live in the dungeon forever.

Speaking of him, he's still breathing though but badly sick. Veronica said that it was because of the witch magic in his blood. It didn't blend well with his blood and the effect has cause his blood to boil inside. She said it will worn off but he will be in a lot of pain within the time.

Some of the remaining rogues were there and ask for forgiveness too. I did and offer them to join us which they willingly agree since most of them are mate to a few of my pack members. Although, Sam was not really happy about it since they were rogues and they could have been the people who killed our fathers at that night but I calm him down, saying that it's in the past now and we got what we wanted. Plus, I heard Sam beat up Langford pretty hard this morning when Langford tried to ran away. He grabbed a girl and treaten that he will kill her if we chase after him. Sam was behind him in flash and knock the shit out of him.

When the ritual finish, I announce Sam as my Beta and Felix as my Third in command. I want Kael to be my Third originally but he gently refuse, saying that he would like to stay as the pack instructor. Felix is one of the best warrior I know in my pack. We never talk but I did a few sparring with him and the rest of the pack warriors. So far, I found him more challenging than the others and notice him as a responsible person.

After the ritual and the declaration finish, we dismiss and I could now hear everyone in our pack mind links. It was a tiring day for us all as we did some clean up today so I could feel them tired and sighing in relief. I should get rest too but technically I have no place to stay. I don't want to sleep at my old basement room and stay in Robert's house anymore. Instead, I went up to the Alpha's office which is in the pack house. When I enter, Robert's scent linger faintly in the room and I'm half way to tear this place down. Taking a deep breath, I walk inside notice a black couch on the left side of the room, two chairs in front of the wooden table and some papers and maps lay on it. Scooting around the table, I grab a few papers and read them. A few of them are agreement letters from various companies that sells silver while the rest are bills and whatsoever.

I frown. What the hell did Robert do with the pack's money? Spending it on the rogues and witch? I place back the papers on the table and my eyes caught drawers below the table. I open the first one, found a gun and a few silvers bullets. My body tense at the sight of it. Is this the gun that he used to shoot my parents?

Instead of inspecting it, I slammed the drawer shut and open the second one, finding a few silver bracelets. It was the same as mine when he punished me before I left. How many people have he forced and punished with this bracelet? I have to found out soon.

The third drawer is filled with more papers. I pulled it all out and read them when there was a knock on the door. Without looking up, I say 'Come in.'

The door open and close. Then a scent of fresh forest filled the room.

"I see you have bury yourselves in papers already huh?"

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