Chapter 9: Talk

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Demi's POV

Emily was still sleeping and I was not sure if I should wake her up, because she was really upset when she fell asleep. She lay in a weird position that didn't look comfortable, so I grabbed her arms to lift her up a little. ''Aaawh'' she said while she cringed. ''What's wrong?'' I asked a little confused. She opened her eyes and looked shocked ''no-nothing'' she smiled weakly. ''That was not nothing! Did I hurt you?'' ''No Demi it's fine, you just scared me a little.'' I didn't believe her.. I hope it's not what I think it was..

''So I'm about to go home and cook some dinner, would you like to join me?'' I asked her, I don't know but I felt the strong urge to get to know her even better. ''Uhmm, I'm not sure if my mom expects me home or anything..'' she said. ''Well then call her!'' I said enthusiastically. ''Alright alright I'll call her.'' She grabbed her phone and dialed the number. It rang for a couple of minutes but no one picked up. ''I guess she's not home'' she said a little disappointed.

''So what do you want to eat?'' I asked while we were driving to my house. ''Uhmm, I don't really care'' she said. ''Well what's your favorite food?'' I asked trying to start a conversation. ''I don't know actually.. I don't think I have one.'' That sounded like something I used to say.. No Demi, stop comparing her to you, not everyone is like that. ''How about pizza? I'm not a great cook haha.'' ''Okay I guess..'' she said. She wasn't really talkative the rest of the ride.

Emily's POV

We arrived at a large house, I looked at it with my eyes wide open. ''You like?'' Demi asked smiling at me. ''I love! That's not even a house anymore!'' I said astonished. We walked to the door and she had some trouble opening it. ''These goddamn locks, I can't even figure them out myself'' she said annoyed. ''Can I try?'' she gave me the key and I unlocked it in less than 30 seconds. ''Well that was easy, are you sure you're not drunk?'' I said laughing. ''I need you as my personal door unlocker haha!'' she giggled.

We walked inside and it was even more beautiful than I imagined. It was very modern with beautiful lights and paintings. There were also a lot of picture frames with cute pictures when she was little. I looked around and she started laughing. ''If you don't close your mouth your tongue is going to fall out''. Oops I didn't even notice my mouth was open!

We sat in the kitchen waiting for the pizza to be delivered. ''So I was thinking... Since you missed my concert would you like to come to another one with me?'' she asked me. ''YES, you don't even have to ask me that of course I want to thank you so much'' I yelled and ran over to hug her. She hugged me tight and that's when the doorbell rang. I didn't want to let go, but she already left to answer the door.

I watched Demi eating her pizza as if she never tasted one before. When she was almost done I looked at my pizza and saw that I only had eaten one slice, so I quickly ate another one. I felt like I was going to explode but Demi didn't seem pleased. I picked up another slice and shoved it in my mouth, that's when the voices came back ''stop eating! don't you see you're looking fat already''. I immediately put the slice down and tried to block the voices out.

I wanted to go home and cut, because Demi made me eat two more slices and the voices were so loud I couldn't even hear what Demi was saying. ''If you purge, you might look less fat'' one of the voices said. I actually believed it. ''Demi where's the bathroom?'' I asked. "The door on the right in the hallway'' she said.

I locked the bathroom door and kneeled in front of the toilet. I wrapped my hair in a ponytail and bent over the toilet. I couldn't do this, I was in my idols house, how could I do this. ''Do it!'' one of the voices said. ''Do it quickly or you will get fat''. I shoved two fingers in my throat and started to gag. Nothing was coming out at first, but after the fourth try my food finally came back up.

Demi's POV

Emily had been in the bathroom for quite some time now, I started to get worried. ''Emily?'' I yelled, but no response. I walked over to the bathroom and knocked on the door. ''Emily? Are you okay?'' I asked. ''Yeah I'm fine.'' she said, but I could hear her voice crack. She opened the door and her eyes looked a little reddish. ''What took you so long?'' I asked, but I regretted saying that because it sounded really blunt. ''Uhm my stomach was aching, but I feel better now'' she faked a smile. I knew she was faking it, because I had seen her sincere smile and this was not it. Her breath also smelled weird.. Wait... No please I hope it doesn't mean what I think it does.

We sat on the couch and watched a movie, I wasn't really looking at it because all I could think of was what Emily was doing in the bathroom. Should I ask her about it? It probably will make her upset, but she had to know that I wanted to help her. ''Emily?'' I asked. ''Yeah?'' she said while looking at me. ''Do you trust me?''. ''Yes ofcourse I trust you why?'' she asked a little confused. ''You can tell me anything you know that right?'' ''Uhm I guess..'' she looked at me shocked as if I just caught her. 

''Please talk to me..'' I begged after she ignored me for a while. She was just staring at the TV without even blinking. ''There's nothing to talk about'' she said not taking her eyes of the screen. I decided I was just going to let it all out ''Em, I can tell that you have a hard time eating, I saw you looking at your stomach while you were eating and I also know what you did in the bathroom..'' I said feeling guilty. She was probably going to hate me now, how could she not I was invading her privacy. But instead she just looked at me with pain in her eyes.

"I'm sorry'' she said and she broke down in tears.


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