~Part 3~

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"Yoongi why did you want to be alone?" Tae asked cautiously "I'm going to try leave Jimin. I have realised my love for you is both stronger and safer than my love for him and your love towards me is what managed to wake me up..." Yoongi paused thinking about what to say "I feel like we are meant to be together. "Taehyung blushed before grabbing the now sat up Yoongi into his warm embrace "Hearing that makes me feel so happy Yoongi. Would you like me to be there with you when you break up?" "No, you might get hurt and while I'm alive you will not be harmed" "Aww Yoongi, but what if he hurts you." "I'm used to it." Those last words Yoongi uttered before calling everyone back in broke Taehyung's heart, nobody should be used to being abused and in Tae's eyes, especially not Yoongi. "Nurse how long will Yoongi have to be in here for?" Taehyung heard Jimin ask "About 2 months for his legs to heal." The nurse said while rearranging Yoongi's pillows to provide more support "Are you okay Mr. Min?" "Yeah I just want to go home." Yoongi said noticing Jimin's reaction to the news, Jimin was glaring at Yoongi. Yoongi remembered why, his bruises were still on show.

~Sorry for the short chapter. I might take a while to update again coz idk what I'm doing with this story. Sorry again ^-^

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