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hey! thanks to anyone who is reading this story - i really appreciate it!

now, onto business:
i'm honestly not sure whether i should continue. months could stretch between updates, because - no offense - but school is about a million more times important to me then this story.
i love writing this, but i feel like, compared to many others, i'm severely lacking in the good writing and plot line categories.

please give me your opinion - should i continue or not?
i realize many authors have this moment and, well, i guess i'm having mine.
also, i don't divine the quality of the story by the amount of votes, but the lack of votes is rather depressing.
{but don't worry - i'm not going to ask for a certain number of votes to update or anything c:}

that's all - thanks for reading, and please comment what you think.

{i would recommend listening to the song up top - i'm obsessed with it.}

EDIT 10/28/16 - hey, everyone! yes, i still check in periodically and yes, i reply to comments and things if i can. i will update when i can, but school is really insane right now. i'm so sorry for not updating, and thank you for your continued patience!

-StarsFallDim {star}

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