Jon Snow - Parachute

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A/N : I know women aren't allowed on the Wall (Gilly being the exception) but let us slide this one. 

Word Count : 1197

Part : 1/? (there will be part 2)

Changes : All the Stark family is alive.

Warning : Death of a character and revealing the title of one of the characters

Grammar check : not done 

  "I don't need a parachute

Baby, if I've got you

I don't need a parachute

You're gonna catch me

You're gonna catch if I fall"

Winterfell was covered in snow with the cold breeze hugging your soft cheeks and painting them red. The cold didn't bother you much as your teacher thought it would. Since the age of 15 you've been traveling around the Realm and visiting other houses to learn more about the world you lived in.

Your current destination was miles away from your home – Dorne- but nevertheless you enjoyed yourself in the company of Ned Stark and his not so lovely wife Catelyn.

She portrayed herself as a gentle mother-like figure to you yet the minute she saw the face of Jon Snow walk into the feast hall all the warmth disappeared. You never understood why here and in other parts of the seven kingdoms people treated bastards as dirt. You father – Prince Oberyn- taught you to treat people with respect no matter what their origin is.

"Lady Martell." Jon bowed as he saw you coming nearer.

You smile became wider as your eyes catch Ghost's white fur. Something about that animal made your day brighter. "I've see you've got a companion."

Jon mimicked your smile and nodded before petting his loyal direwolf." He likes to follow me around even whilst I practice archery. He has taken quite a liking to you."

Soon the wolf circled you allowing you to stroke his head softly as he sat there between you and Jon.

Ever since you came Jon has taken your interest without even coming to know it. The simple and altruistic gestures he showed to his siblings was something that didn't go unnoticed by you. Even without his knowledge you and Arya would watch him and Robb practicing sword fight.

The little troublemaker always found a way to tease you about Jon and your possible feelings for him. To keep her silent, you agreed to pull her out of the needle work to watch them practice. It was a win-win situation, but you would rather be caught dead then say that out-loud.

"I've heard you will be joining the Night's Watch." The words leaving your mouth seemed strange even to Jon who frowned at the realization that the day was soon to come.

"Yes." His voice was just a bit above whisper and you weren't sure if he even meant to answer you.

The rumours going around Winterfell seemed absurd to you. Jon Snow joining the watch. It didn't fit him at least not in your mind but hearing his answer made emotions rise in you that you couldn't explain. Sadness? Hurt? Anger? You couldn't pick one.

"Well then congratulations Snow, I hope your happy with your choice." Your voice was emotionless and forced almost dripping with sarcasm.

You didn't give him time to answer you as you turned around and stalked towards the entrance of your room. You swore you saw Arya giving you a sad smile but you shrugged off. Jon Snow was merely a friend; why would you be sad about him leaving. Right?


You saw him fall down. His blood surrounding his lifeless body as the cheers of victory emerged around you. You could feel the lump in your throat forming as a hand was placed on your shoulder for support. Ellaira was shocked as you but once it faded the away, she was furious and revenge was the only word leaving her mouth while you could barely speak up because of the sudden sadness.

During your years of traveling you made a great number of friends and allies who would help you with the revenge in a heart-beat. But unlike Ellaira you knew better. You father willingly participated in the trail by combat which ended his life.

You knew you couldn't go home to your uncle and luckily you knew just the right place to go to. Years after his departure your feelings haven't changed and while witnessing death of a loved one in front of your eyes you knew he had to know. The consequences didn't matter.

Waking up from your pit of sadness you saddled your house and begun your long journey to the Wall. To Jon Snow.

After weeks of traveling the wooden doors of the most watched place in King's Landing made your heart beat harder. As you approached they begun to pull open revealing the small yard of the Night's Watch. Many men stood there taking in your frame as you slowly slid off your horse and stepped on the snow covered ground. It reminded you a lot of Winterfell.

"Miss, women aren't allowed on the wall." A man in his late fifties stood tall and proud in front of others.

He puffed his chest to look scarier but all you did was sigh. "I understand my Lord but I'm search for Jon Snow. I have urgent news to deliver."

In that moment you were somewhat glad Cersei Lannister taught you to lie during one of your visits to King's Landing.

A man emerged between them. His chubby figure, hidden underneath the layers of clothing, maked it harder for him to walk. "I'm Samwell Tarly. I will take you to our Lord Commander."

Lord Commander, those words send a wave of happiness through you as you followed Sam.

He was sitting there in his chambers talking to a small boy you heard him call Olly. His back turned to you as he lay a pile of letters in the young boy's hands before sending him away.

"Jon?" You whispered afraid that the man in front of you was just imagination playing tricks on you.

He turned around, Sam already out of the room. Confusion flashed in his eyes combined with guilt and happiness. You two colliding into each other as he embraced you, it was rollercoaster of emotions. You cried as he kissed your temple.

He must've heard, was your initial thought then again your father was an important figure and Ned Stark probably received the letter of his soon to be funeral.

"I'm so sorry Y/A." He said as he stroke your back in a calming manner.

You stayed there, in each other's embraces, for what looked like hours to you. No one disturbed you nor tried to get into his room and you knew his friend Sam had his hands in that. You made a mental note to thank him later.

"Feeling better?" His husky voice sent a shiver down your spine but you ignored it as you nodded.

Suddenly your idea of visiting him and pouring out your heart seemed stupid and reckless. Pulling away from his warm hands you stand up and brush the remaining tears away.

"Thank you Snow."

His jaw clenched by the sudden formality of your voice but whatever emotion he felt currently, he hid it well.

"What brings you here Lady Martell?"

"I've came to tell you about my father's funeral which will be held a fortnight from today. The Martells would appreciate if you my Lord would attend." Your breathing was slow and steady which surprised you much.


You tore your gaze away from the floor to see Jon staring right back at you. The tension could be cut with a knife.

"Why are you really here?"

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