Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

On Monday morning, I make sure to erase as many memories from Evan's Halloween party as possible. During lunch, rumors were flying around that Evan wasn't at school today because he got alcohol poisoning and he was currently in the hospital. I didn't really believe this though because the sophomore guys were spreading these rumors and you would be a complete idiot to believe them. Of course, many of the freshmen were in awe over this and many of the girls even discussed sending Evan get well cards in math class. Personally, I would have sent him a card too, only it wouldn't say get well soon on the front, it would say go die soon. Yeah, that sounded pretty good to me. Thankfully, Lizzie didn't let the rumors about Evan get to her either.

"I don't give a damn if Evan's in the hospital or not! It's his own fault if he is," Lizzie says to our table at lunch.

Jake, Andrew, and Asher are silent as she says this. Probably because they are still too hungover to speak. However, Asher manages to look over at me and give me a small smile. I can't decide whether his smile is genuine or not. I don't know what to believe from Asher anymore.

During chemistry class, my phone lights up in my backpack. I swiftly take it out and put it under my desk and read the text. It's from Daniel. I look at him from across the room. He's looking back at me out of the corner of his eye. I look back down at the text. It reads:

Are we still meeting after school at your house today?

I type out a reply:

Of course, I'll be waiting outside the front entrance. :)

I watch his phone light up in the side pocket of his backpack and he covertly takes it out and looks down at it. I then see him typing. A few seconds later, my phone lights up again.

Great! See you then Nora :)

I read the text and smile when he uses my name in it. For some reason that makes it more personal. I turn my attention back to the front of the class room where Ms. Ghafarri is showing us a PowerPoint on electrons, protons, and neutrons. Even though it looks like I'm paying attention, all I'm thinking about is seeing Daniel after school today.

When the final bell of the day rings, I'm the first one out of my English class room. Usually I stay behind with my friend Katie and we go to her locker and talk. Well, not today. I weave through the crowds of students making their way out of the school building, and thrust open the front door. I step outside and the sun beats down on my face. For a few seconds, I shade my eyes and wait for him to come. Sure enough, I see him step out of the school and look over at me. I wave to him and he approaches me.

"Hey Daniel," I say, "Should we go to the bus now?"

"Actually, I was thinking that maybe we could first go to the Walgreen's and get a few things there. Is that ok? I drove to school today so we can take my car," he says.

"Ok, sure!" I agree.

We both walk to his car which is parked on the side street right near the school tennis courts. It's the same red Volvo that he picked me up in on Friday night. I stand there for a moment.

"Are you gonna just stand there or get in?" He asks me with a little smile on his face.

"Oh right of course!" I say, opening the passenger door and sliding in.

It only takes us a few minutes to get to the nearest Walgreens. When we find a parking space, Daniel turns off the car and starts to get out.

"What are we getting here?" I ask him.

"Oh you know, food," he says.

I follow him into the store. When we enter, the man at the counter looks over at us with a tired expression. I let Daniel get whatever he needs and I pick up a few tubes of Burt's Bees Chapstick in the makeup aisle. I then walk over to where Daniel is. He's looking at the candy and gum section and takes a bag of M & M's off the shelf and two packs of Five gum.

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